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1. What must be the value of m so that the line -3x+4y-5 = 0 is perpendicular to the line 2mx-3y+4=0?

2. If a/(b+c) = b/(c+1) = c/(a+b) =r then r cannot take any value except

3. What is the number of solutions of the equation 8(x2 - 2) = 16(x + 1)?

4. A property dealer sells a house of 6,30,000 dollars and in the bargain makes a profit of 5%. Had he sold it for 5,00,000 dollars then what % of loss or gain he would have made?

5. The LCM of two numbers is 28 times their GCM, the sum of the LCM and GCM is 1740. One number is 240 what is the other?

6. What must be added to each of the numbers 1,5,17,53, so that the resulting numbers are in proportion?

7. The population of town T increases by 10% in the first year, 20% in the second year due to mass exodus, it decreases by 5% in the third year. What will be its population after 3 years, if today it is 10,000?

8. A car leaves New York for Philadelphia which is 180 km away. At the same time car B leaves Philadelphia for New York. If car A travels at 60 kmph and car B travels at 30 kmph , where will the 2 cars meet?

9. Two varieties of oil are mixed in the ratio of 4:3 to produce a certain quantity. If they are mixed in the ratio 2:3, a second quality is obtained. How many litres of the first quantity should be mixed with 10 litres of the second quality so that a third quality, having the two varieties of oil in the ratio 5:4 may be produced?

10. In how many ways can the seven letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G be arranged so that B and C may always occupy contiguous positions?

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