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Description: In Kantovia, physicians’ income comes from insurance companies, which require physicians to document their decisions in treating patients and to justify deviations from the companies’ treatment guidelines. Ten years ago physicians were allowed more discretion. Most physicians believe that the companies’ requirements now prevent them from spending enough time with patients. Yet the average amount of time a patient spends with a physician during an office visit has actually increased somewhat over the last ten years.

1. Which of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the apparent discrepancy between physicians’ perceptions and the change in the actual time spent?

2. It takes the reader through the details of implementing financials, starting with a summary round up of installation, and following a detailed look at each of the sub modules.

Description: In its annual report released today, Company Y indicates that all of its manufacturing plants plan to begin converting the raw material of its product from Material A, which is rapidly becoming scare, to a new synthetic Material B currently under development in its laboratories. Implementation of this plan will almost absolutely increase the company's cost, since even if Material B is practical for use it can be expected to cost considerably more than Material A.

3. Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the argument above?

Description: My grandfather says that most of the new clothes that he has purchased have fallen apart in a very short time. He also points out that most of the vintage clothes that he bought are still in excellent condition, even thought they were more than 15 yrs old when he bought them. So he concludes that clothes made today are inferior in terms of how long they last as compared to vintage clothes.

4. Which of the following, is a major weakness in his conclusion?

Description: It was once believed that women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. In a study published in Nature Medicine, Jonathan Tilly, professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology found that stem cells taken from a women’s ovaries can be used to create new eggs or oocytes, a potentially groundbreaking discovery for fertility treatments. Using donated frozen ovaries from doctors in Japan who treat women seeking gender reassignment, Tilly’s team isolated egg-producing stem cells in human ovaries using new cell-sorting techniques to coax them into developing oocytes. Building on research by Chinese scientists, they then fished out a protein believed to sit on the surface of only those stem cells and tracked them by inserting a gene into the cells which caused them to glow green. If the cells produced eggs, the eggs would also glow green. The cells were then injected into biopsied human ovarian tissue that was then grafted beneath the skin of mice. Within 7 to 14 days, the graft had produced a budding of oocytes, with some of the eggs glowing with the fluorescent tag, proving that they came from the stem cells. But others did not, which suggested they were already present in the human tissue before the injection. “The discovery opens the door for development of unprecedented technologies to overcome infertility in women. If the process can be guided correctly, there is a chance that sometime in the future, we might get to the point of actually having an unlimited source of human eggs, which would rewrite human-assisted reproduction”, Tilly said in a press release.

5. According to the passage, the reason that Tilly’s team inserted a gene into the stem cells was to

6. It seems likely that a number of photoelectrical phenomena, such as the formation of x-ray photons, may be caused by the interaction of energetic electrons and matter at the atomic level.

7. The MP rose up and said that, in her opinion, she thought the Women's Reservation bill should be passed on unanimously

8. m is a three-digit positive integer. If two of the three digits are prime numbers and the product of the three digits is 56, what is the value of m? (1) m is even (2) The hundreds digit of m is 2

9. Kill no more chickens then you can eat

Description: Mobile phone sales have increased dramatically over the last year. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, the T-Konnect company plans to rapidly increase the production of its own brands, while continuing to heavily invest in advertising its brands.

10. Which of the following, if true, provides most support for the view that T-Konnect cannot increase its sales by adopting the strategy described above?

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