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1. The arithmetic mean (average) of a set of 10 numbers is 10. Is the median value of the same set also equal to 10? Exactly half of the numbers are less than 10. The mode of the set of numbers is 10.

2. If X = (3065 - 2965)/(3064 - 2964), then

3. If a, b, c, and d are the digits of the four-digit number N, a positive integer, what is the remainder when N is divided by 9? 1. a + b + c + d = 22 2. N + 5 is divisible by 9

4. What is the sum of all 2-digit numbers?

5. The number of employees in Xyz corp is a prime number and is less than 300.The ratio of the number of employees who are graduates and above, to that of employees who are not, can possibly be

6. The average weight of students in a class is 35.If a student whose weight was 25 is absent from the class, the average of those present went up by 1. How many students are there in the class originally

7. Courier charges for packages to a certain destination are 65 cents for the first 250 grams and 10 cents for each additional 100 grams or part thereof. What could be the weight in grams of a package for which the charge is $1.55 ?

8. How many people are standing in the queue at the counter? If four more people join the queue, the number in the queue will be more than 15. If three people give up and leave the queue, the number remaining will be less than 10.

9. What must be the value of m so that the line -3x+4y-5 = 0 is perpendicular to the line 2mx-3y+4=0?

10. B as a percentage of A is equal to A as a percentage of (A + B). Find B as a percentage of A.

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