FAQS of MSMBAinUSA Application

Download MSMBAinUSA App
  1. 1 - How to download this app ?

    You can get the MSMBAinUSA app exclusively on android market.

    To download the MSMBAinUSA app you can

    •     - Go to android market(play store) and search for MSMBAinUSA app.

    •     - Click on install icon to download the app.

    •     - Then you will be asked to enter your user name and password details of Google account

    •     - The app will be automatically downloaded to your android phone.

    •     - Then you can launch the app by clicking on its icon.

    You can also download the app, using your computer, just go to Google play store and search for the MSMBAinUSA app, there you have to click on install button and enter your account details of Google, and again click on install button, the app will be automatically downloaded to your android phone.

  2. 2 - Why should I download the msmbainusa app ?

    It is a one roof application which will give you all the details about the different universities in U.S.A for pursuing M.B.A or M.S, here students can find information regarding various admission processes and much more.Aspiring students can get information related to many international entrance exams.students can also find videos providing them information about higher studies in U.S.A, under the visa guidance section you can get all the information related to visa processes.so with all such tools this app becomes a one stop solution for the students going to pursue higher education in U.S.A.

  3. 3 - Why to register ?

    Registration process is mainly to keep you updated with the new features and updates of the application, also by registering you will automatically agree with the terms and conditions of the application.

  4. 4 - On which devices this app will work?

    The app has been optimized to work properly on the android devices with version 2.1 or above, however it may work on the earlier versions also, please note that the app has been fully tested on all the versions.

  5. 5 - How much time does it take to search for some content ?

    It is completely dependent on your connection speed which can be affected by things like signal strength, mobile reception and interference, if you are connecting through wi-fi or 3g, then it can give you a better experience.

  6. 6 - Is this app compatible for tablet ?

    Yes, the app is compatible for tablet also, you can go to play store and download it from there.

  7. 7 - Can we install app on SD card also?

    Yes. You can install or move application to SD card also.

  8. 8 - Do I need to buy a subscription to use the app ?

    No,the app is available for free of cost on Google play store.

  9. 9 - Are there any further costs for using the app ?

    Currently we have kept the app for free of cost on play store and we may or may not consider charging for it in the future.

  10. 10 - The app is crashing or force closing or not loading properly ?

    You can try re-installing the app or you can free you phone memory using by other resources like camera, SD card, Other Applications.

  11. 11 - Is this app available for other platforms ?

    Currently the app is available for the Android users only and we are working on other platforms also, soon it will be available on IOS and Windows platforms.

  12. 12 - How can I send feedback to you about this app ?

    We will love to hear from you on how we can improve the app, or if you have spot something that is not working good on the app.

    You can mail us on admin@msmbainusa.com.

Download MSMBAinUSA App