Is there any scholarship for GRE?


GRE as per has no scholarship. However if you are able to secure a very good GRE score and have a very good academic profile along with a very strong letter of recommendation from a Prof with very good fame you may get a scholarship in the Univ for which you apply. Again this also depends on case by case basis. The Univ will applying ask about your financial status and if you would require teaching assistance. So I would recommend you to get a good GRE and TOEFL score, write some papers in journals or write some conference papers, get good LOR from your professors, Do some extra curricular activities, score good marks in Univ. If everything turns out to be nice you may land up with a good scholarship. Also email the professors of the universities from where you have gotten a offer of admission from. You may become a research assistant or a teaching assistant. The stipend may be enough to take care of your basic needs.