10 Tips To Write An Effective Admission Essay

writing admission essay

An important part of US University application criterion is the admission essay. The admission essay represents who you are to the admission committee. The things that the standardized test scores, academic grades and other quantitative data cannot reveal about you, the admission essay does! The admission essay is an opportunity for you to showcase every facet of your personality. A perfect admission essay can make your university application stand out. Admission essay requirements vary from university to university, so it should be tailor-made for each program that you choose to apply.  Just keep the objective of writing the essay in mind and that is Admission.

Writing a winning admission essay requires much more than just putting pen to paper. We have compiled a few common “must-haves” in the admission essay, take a look-

  1. Realistic thinking and Self-discovery

Before you start writing the admission essay, take time to determine your motivation, passion and goals. Then, do a bit of self-discovery like, your strengths, your traits, etc. Think about how you can differentiate yourself from the other hundreds of thousands of students applying to US universities.

  1. Choose a theme and stick to it

When writing an admission essay, choose a theme or topic of the admission essay. Choose a something that will highlight you, your thoughts and personal story. If the essay is short, go for one theme only; and if the essay is long you may go for two or three themes. Coherence and consistency is what you should maintain. Don’t go off on a tangent!

  1. State a personal experience/life changing moment using a narrative approach

Share a personal experience, incident or moment that has changed your life. It should not necessarily be the most creative, but should be a good read and gripping. Since the admission committee only spends a little amount of time reviewing the admission essay, it is crucial to engage them from the very start.

The story/experience must be such that it expresses your personality and your character. Highlight the significance of the moment and the effect of it on your life . This analytical and narrative touch will vivify your point. If it does not boost your application and hold no relevance or connect with the story you are trying to tell, leave it.

  1. Make your story simple and believable yet evocative

A winning admission essay is one that involves an engaging story with all the elements- a character, suspense, conflict, revelation and realization. The admission committee looks for candidates who learn from their experiences and evolve. Demonstrate your passion, your learning process and the moment of epiphany.

  1. Support/back up your claim

Make a claim without exaggerating it and shore it up with facts. Do not exaggerate or make up stories as it may jeopardize your chances of studying abroad in the USA.

  1. Show enthusiasm in the university and its program

When you write an admission essay, state how you best fit into the chosen university and program and how you are ready to embrace the changes coming your way. Demonstrate that you are an asset to the university and how you can contribute to the university as well as to attain your goals.

Also, demonstrate that you are someone who can mingle and get along with others easily and embraces diversity as universities in the USA are communities with students from different cultural backgrounds. They look for students who are going to hit the ground running.

  1. A dab of creativity/humor is must

When you write an admission essay, a touch of creativity and humor is important, but mind the limit. USA is a land with people from different cultures and backgrounds, so the level of humor must be within the limits and understandable to the reader. A bit of self-deprecating humor is fine. Similarly, there is always a room for a creative angle, however it must be there just to make your point interesting and compelling. Use vivid characters and images for portrayal of creativity and humor.

  1. Tone, language and style

The admission essay must be written in active voice. Avoid jargon, wordiness and abbreviations. Keep the sentences short, crisp and clear and maintain the flow. Divide the admission essay into three parts- introduction, body and conclusion. Proofread for grammatical errors, syntax and consistency. Read the admission essay aloud to check the flow and language.

  1. Stick to the word limit

Every university sets the word limit for admission essay, do not go beyond that. The admission committees have to go through a huge stack of essays daily, and unnecessary and excessive usage of words will definitely not make the committee happy rather you are taxing their patience. The general word limit is 500-700 words.

  1. Be specific, coherent and honest

The essay question may require you to state the reason to attend this particular university; the experience that has a significant impact on you, or your personality traits. Answer honestly and be specific. Figure out how the questions relate to your experience and personal traits and then take a specific position. Do not embellish your accomplishments and focus on one theme/topic only. Do not try to cover too many things as it would then sound more like a resume rather than an admission essay.

A winning admission essay is one that expresses you as a motivated, confident and a powerful person with clarity in thoughts and goals. It is the one that should highlight what you have learned from your experiences, how the events/experiences have shaped you into an individual you are today and what you want out of your life. It should leave a lasting impression upon the admission committee.

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