Useful Tips To Choose The ‘Right’ University And Avoid Deportation From US

Avoid Deportation

A degree from the USA definitely creates a great impact on your resume, but with the recent incidences of deporting Indian students from USA, we have to ask is it worth it in the end? If the degree you pursued is not from a reputed institute, is it a good decision to spend so much of your time and valuable resources in getting one?

There have been a few incidents in the recent past where students were denied entry into US Universities. All the American embassy had to say about the incident was “We remind the public that even travelers with a visa can be denied entry if the immigration officer finds reason to question the legitimacy of their travel documents or finds the traveler cannot adequately answer questions about the purpose of his or her travel.” Not much helpful, is it?

In a situation like this, be careful and vigilant while choosing universities and avoid deportation from US.

Tips To Shortlist US Universities:

• Education USA helps students in shortlisting universities and also provides information on the type of visa that you’ll need. It is a good way of checking the authenticity of US universities.

deporting Indian students

• Check twice if you are thinking of pursuing a degree from a private college. Not all colleges are fraud but taking the recent happenings into consideration it’s better to be safe than sorry.

 Don’t follow everything that the educational consultants say. Do your own research before applying to any university?

 Another way of checking if the college has great faculty members (like they’ve boasted on the university website) is to check whether they’ve published their research papers.

• Check out your prospective university via friends or family who are already in the US. They’ll be able to guide you better than any online resource.

 In case you don’t have family or friends in the US, you can check the reviews or blogs of students who are studying at the Choose The ‘Right’ University university where you wish to pursue your further education. This gives you an insight into the student life at the university and will also help you figure out if it’s genuine or not.

 Check whether the college is actually accredited by a reputed university. It has been seen that false accreditations are posted on college websites to fool students into enrolling at their college.

 Beware! Some agents enroll students at particular universities for monetary benefits. To avoid this, contact other students who have gone to the US via the agent.

 Your strong desire to reduce the cost of education by choosing low tuition universities can make you take a wrong decision and ultimately lead to deportation.

• Beware of the colleges that say they have world class recognition. Unless and until they are the top tier colleges and are highly ranked, you need to cross check the claims made by universities.

 Contact the faculty and alumni of the college. See if the alumni actually got good placements like it’s mentioned on the university website and if the degree is worth it.

• In short, you lose a lot of money during admission and traveling. This in the end leads to nothing but disappointment and debt.

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