Sample SOP for MS in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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If you’re a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), you must look for pursuing MS in the same field overseas. A masters from USA will help you to get a core specialization which is not the case with graduation. A major benefit of pursuing masters from USA is that varied and more number of specializations are available at US Universities under every department. Most popular specializations in ECE in US are in Embedded Systems, VLSI design, bio-informatics, Nanotechnology, Digital Systems and Communications, Opto-Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Cyber Security, Robotics and Micro Electronics.

Importance of Statement Of Purpose (SOP) for MS in US

In USA, a SOP is believed to be a very important document in your application packet.

The main focus of an SOP usually lies on your educational journey and what you plan to do in the future with the knowledge you’ve gained from your degree. The universities have keen interest in knowing how you can contribute to the society after pursuing your masters degree from US University.

An SOP can act as a direct contact between you and the admissions committee. It serves as your medium to pass on your thoughts and express your view directly to the admissions committee without having to undergo a special interview. The admissions committees at US Universities judge whether to accept you or not based on the goals that you’ve mentioned in your SOP and how does it inspire you. Your motivations and skills are judged based on what you’ve written in your SOP. So be very careful of what you put out there because every unwritten thought can be judged by reading between the lines of your SOP. To make matters a little easier for you, we’ve come up with a sample SOP for your refreence. Lets take a look on sample SOP for MS in US :

Sample SOP for MS in ECE

There are very few who are blessed and have made their hobbies into their profession. I’m one of the blessed ones.I Semiconductors, transistors, resistors, galvanometers, capacitors, ammeters, diodes are the articles that have always attracted me since the school days.As I had an interest in everything electronics, i decided to graduate in Electronics Engineering. As a result I found all that I’d always dreamed of. College’s electronic labs were like second home to me. My interests found shape.

During college I participated in many inter college competitions and successfully led my team to victory. This further strengthened my interest int he field of Electronics. As part of the college work I developed various projects and also presented them for competitions. These experiences have helped me in understanding the importance of making use of time and optimizing tasks in a better way.

Era is changing and obviously the levels of communications too are changing. Efforts to find life at different planets will immediately pose the need for establishing more ease in two way communications. Here lies my area of interest. For this I need much exposure beforehand. Same is not possible by counting all the resources available in my own country. Pursuing masters at  your reputable institute would serve as a launching pad for me.

Technical skills that lie with me range from circuit designing to robotics to some extent. I look to enhance my skills in Electronics and Communications at your esteemed institution and want to develop my skills.

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