Post-Study Visa Options in USA

post study visa USAPost-study visa options in USA, a student should give a thought about it. Your student life in USA is going to come to a halt after completing the foreign education, but you still want to explore different career opportunities in USA, so what are the options that can be worked out?

When a student gets F-1 or M-1 student VISA for USA, and have entered USA then they can reside and study in the country until the expiration date mentioned on their I-94. This information about I-94 can be accessed online from USA Customs and Border Protection.

For M-1 student Visa holders, I-94 states that they have to leave USA usually after one year of the date they have entered the country.  F-1 student visa rules are a bit complex. The I-94 is about ‘Duration Status’. If it’s included in your I-94, then after the date of completion of your studies, a 60 day grace period is granted. This is the time when you have to leave US.

If F-1 student visa holders want to stay longer in US, then they have to apply for optional practical training (OPT), or else they have to change application status before end of the grace period. If OPT gets approved, the students can stay till the end date mentioned in employment authorization document. They also get additional 60-day grace period. And if you get approval of different status, then the new I-94 form would notify about the new date when you need to leave US.

Usually USA student visa is valid till the duration of the study. For instance, if any international student is going for 3 year degree program, then he/she gets student visa for 3 years. In case the student wants to work in US after studies, then they should start early to find a job before they graduate from the College. Such thoughtful step would help them to convert the student visa into work visa. With the help of practical training visa interim period between college study and full-time job is covered. The validity of this visa is of 29 months. Students can join full-time job during this time and by the co-operation of their employee get a full-time work visa.

For international students searching a good job can be a difficult and frustrating task. Generally employers are a bit hesitant in hiring foreign employees. Some of the common reasons for it can be:

Hiring foreign students can be a time demanding and costly affair.

Employers may have doubts regarding the English language proficiency of the students.

They may have certain misunderstandings related to USA student visa.

Employers fear that the foreign employees may leave their organization in six month or in a year.

Thus the if you are going for foreign education and want to stay after your academics, and then you need to know every rules and regulations of specific situations. Gather proper information about which visas are required, go through different possibilities, deadlines and probable costs. If these things are clear, you would be more confident in applying for jobs in USA.

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