4 Important points you should include in your LOR

included in lor

The LOR (Letter of Recommendation) is one of the most important documents of your admission application package. It demonstrates the candidate’s skills and traits that universities seek in the students. At least two letters of recommendation are needed by most universities in the USA. You can ask your professor/teacher of core subject, project counsellor or your supervisor/manager from workplace to write a letter of recommendation highlighting your abilities and potential.

Here are some of the important points that should be included in your LOR.

Relationship and experience

This is the most important point to be included in the LOR. Your reference should clearly specify their relationship with you, the time period they have known you, and the nature of association This may include subjects they taught you, or if they’re your manager/supervisor, they can highlight your accomplishments at the workplace.


Your academic or professional achievements must be clearly highlighted in your letters of recommendation. On the academic front, ask your references to mention about the GPA score, academic project undertaken, activities you have been a part of and the individual contribution in it, etc. Your professional references can talk about your contribution at the workplaces and awards received, if any.

Qualities and Traits

It is important for your LOR to include personal qualities and traits that can elevate your application and give it a competitive edge. It is best to have your reference list your team work, leadership, and problem solving skills in addition to your accomplishments in your core subject area. It is crucial to mention the personality traits that align with the program you have applied for at the university.

Objective Analysis

Your LOR should include candidate comparative analysis of your academic performance and personality traits. For instance, your professor can say something like “ABC is easily among the top 5 % of students I have come across at (school/college name)” or “ABC is one of the top 3 students I have taught in my career”.

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