How to Apply for US Student Visa?

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How to Get a US Student Visa?

Every year thousands of students apply to American universities in the hope of getting a chance to get an entry into this technologically advanced country. The first step towards your goal is the application to American universities and if you are lucky you’ll get into one too. But that’s not all. The biggest challenge is getting an American visa. A visa is your license to stay and study in America. Every country has its own rules regarding the issue of visas and their duration.Given below is a step by step guide to apply for student visa:

Types of Student Visa

The first step is to find out your visa type. To study in America there are two type of student visas: F1 and M1. F1 visa is the most common type of student visa and is issued to students pursuing any kind of academic degree in America. M1 visa is issued to those who would be in America for non-academic or vocational study or trainings. Every visa type has its own application guidelines and qualification. Find the one that suits you the best before start with student visa application process.

Get all your documents ready

You should have the following documents ready when you apply for student visa:
• Passport that would be valid for your entire stay in the USA
• Financial documents demonstrating your ability to fund your studies and life in USA
• In case you have availed a loan, keep the loan sanction letter ready. Documents related to scholarships or tuition fee waivers (if applicable)
• Documents that show strong financial, social or family ties to your home country. (this helps to assure that you would be returning to your home country after your studies in USA)
• All the original bank statements along with their photocopies
• TOEFL/IELTS language certificates
• Mark sheets of all the previous examinations that you’ve taken (with their photocopies).

Fill the Visa Application Form

Once you know the type of visa that you wish to apply for, you’ll have to fill the visa application form called DS-160. Go through the guidelines provided for filling up the form. All the information entered in the visa application form should be accurate. Make sure you have all the supporting documents that prove the accuracy of the information entered on the form. Once you submit the form you would not be allowed to make any changes to it, so see to it that you get everything right on the first go.

Pay the Visa Application Fee

After filling the DS-160 Form, you’ll have to pay the visa fees. The student visa application fee is $160, i.e. Rs.10880. You have to pay the application fees even if a visa is not issued to you. The visa fee is non-refundable and also cannot be transferred to any other person. You receive a receipt after the payment of application fee.

Fix an Appointment for Visa Interview

You are now set to schedule an appointment for visa interview. You have to use the same login details that you used while paying the application fee. On the dashboard you’ll find an option to Schedule Appointment. Make sure to schedule the appointment in the same city where you have filled your form. Two appointments have to be made: one with the Visa Application Center and the other one for a visa interview at the American Embassy or Consulate. At the Visa Application center your fingerprints and photo would be added to their system. You will require your passport, the date you paid your application fee and the ten digit bar code that you’ll receive along with the DS-160 Form.

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