How To Get Affordable Flights While Going To Study In USA?

student discounts flights USA Once your admission is confirmed the next big thing that remains is travelling and visa formalities. Usually visa should be done at the time of applying for admission. Travelling to the US is definitely going to make a deep hole in your wallet if not planned properly. Either you do it or you engage a third party to arrange for flight tickets for you. However, experts say it is better to hand over this job to a ticketing vendor who will have lots of resources to book you ticket at a reasonable rate. But, if you are sure you can handle it yourself do it.

Student discount on flights

For those who will be booking their flight tickets for the US, it is advisable to buy it either from Student Universe or STA travel. These sites will give you huge discounts under student category and if your destination airport in the US city does not fall under international category the discount will be enormous. Another way to get cheaper tickets for students traveling to the US is through AirTran U. You can also get huge discounts from Credila One Stop. Consider an indirect flight instead of a direct one. This can help you to save a few bucks. However, check with the airlines if the layover will be for a few hours or overnight. If it is for a few hours you book it but if it says overnight layover don’t book your tickets as this may make you spend more for staying in a hotel.

Tips to look for affordable flights

1. Timing plays a crucial role in your ticket pricing—the earlier the better. Once you know the admission dates and session starting dates you can set an alert in these portals about the price fluctuation. Whenever there is a fluctuation you will get an SMS or email and you can buy your tickets at a reasonable rate.

2. Be sure about the baggage fee because this may vary from one flight to another. Some airlines may charge $50 more than another, but might just allow you to have more than one checked bags for free, as opposed to a cheaper one with a charge of that $70 for your second bag.

3. Generally tickets on Fridays and Sundays are more expensive than what they are on other week days as most people will either be going to or coming back from vacation.

4. On slow travel days, tickets are often cheaper, so always try to arrange your tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. However, this may not be a universal rule. During festive seasons like Christmas this rule may be relaxed and you may see prices are on higher side. So plan accordingly.

5. One more aspect that you should be seriously taking care of is that you don’t book tickets just because one flight fare is $50 dollar less than another as there may be certain other components that may be expensive.

6. Some low cost flights will drop to airports which are quite far from the main city and travelling to the main city will then get added to your overall travelling cost which initially you saved while booking your tickets. So find out these details as well.

7. Check out the baggage policy properly because these aircrafts always end up charging heavily even for your hand bags. Make sure you carry your printed tickets as these low cost carriers will charge you for almost everything; even for a glass of water.


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