8 Tips for Visa Application

Visa Application

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience which will change the way you think, and allow you to grow as an individual person in your life. Before you make your dream come true of studying in your dream country USA, the most important step is VISA. The visa application process is the final phase of the higher education process. It is as important as the other parts of the higher education process. It confirms your entry into the US to study at the University of your choice. Without the visa, no matter how much hard work you put into the other parts of the admission process you will not be able to pursue your education. Getting a visa can be a hard nut to crack, but if you are well prepared, this process can go very smoothly. You just have to fill the application form carefully so that you can make your dream come true.


Below are some pointers that can help you to fill up your Visa Application Form:


1. Make sure you have signed wherever required. It is mandatory for everyone above the age of 14 to sign the application form (parents must sign the forms of children below the age of 14)


2. Visa application form should be filled up with a black point pen.


3. Don’t leave any box empty; make sure you fill it with NA, NONE or NIL.


4. Mention your current address in full. The address should be of a place where you have been residing for at least six months or more. It may differ from your permanent address mentioned in the passport.


5. Check whether your photograph is attached properly to the form. Using access glue to stick your photograph may spoil the form.


6. The photograph should be 2 x 2 inches or 37 mm x 37 mm, colour or black and white, against a light or plain background. The photograph that you submit for the visa should contain a clear image of your face. Make sure that you look straight at the camera while clicking the picture. The face should be at least 50 per cent of the photo area. The photograph should not be more than six months old. Head coverings and hats are permitted only for religious purposes.


7. Mention your work profile clearly. Describing your occupation specifically is very important; it can be a manager, mechanical engineer, teacher, writer, etc. Don’t just mention ‘service’ or ‘business.’


8. Keep all the required documents and their photocopies ready before you proceed further with the process. Keeping all the documents in a proper order in various sets will help you avoid stress in case you are asked to provide extra copies of documents.

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