6 Reasons for USA Visa Rejection

USA Visa RejectionA visa is a document that is an authorization given by a competent authority of a country to a person who is not a citizen of that country to enter its territory and to remain there for a limited duration. Each country attaches various conditions to the visa such as duration of stay, area covered by the visa, validation date, and number of visits for which the visa is valid. In order to get a USA visa you have to apply at the American embassy from your home country, i.e. India. In some cases this visa might get rejected.

Possible Reasons Why USA Visa Got Rejected


Intention of residing in USA on permanent basis:

If the visa officer/s gets a slightest hint that the applicant does not have any plans to return to his/her home country, it becomes a very strong reason for visa officer to reject applicant’s visa. You must be prepared to prove your strong attachments to India in the way of strong family ties, businesses or immovable property. The visa officer wants an assurance that there is something strong that binds you to your home country and that you are travelling abroad for education purposes or specific works only and you will be returning as soon as your work is done.

The applicant has a criminal history:

If an applicant has criminal records with serious crimes and incidents of drug use or have multiple convictions with jail time; this may turn out to be strong grounds for your visa rejection.

Inadequate financial resources:

Your academic grade is not the only deciding factor for you to get a visa. The visa officer will always demand an assurance that you have sufficient financial resources to sponsor your education and/or living expenses for the intended period of stay before issuing a USA visa. If the financial documents fail to convince them of your financial eligibility, this again becomes a reason for your visa rejection. So it’s necessary in order to get your visa successfully that all your funds are enough to satisfy the conditions.

Misrepresentation of yourself during visa interview:

It’s quite risky to take a visa interview as casual one. You need to be well prepared for your visa interview as one bad conduct or misrepresentation during visa interview may spoil the game leading to your visa rejection. Americans always like to be punctual arriving late for your visa interview is a sign of high risk as it may be counted as your negative point. You should try to perfect everything even your dressing sense. Dressing up very casually is something that does not go down well with the visa officers and can displease him/her. Another thing they care a lot about is your body language. They expect you to come across as self-assured, well-bred and well-mannered individual and if you look nervous or under confident, this may end up being a negative point.

False or fraudulent information:

The worst thing to do in a visa interview is lying to the visa officer and feed him/her with false information. This may not only lead to the rejection of your visa the current time but also can lead to a permanent denial of entry to the US i.e. permanent visa denial.

Unimpressive academic credentials and lack of knowledge :

The visa officer judges your calibre and analyses whether you would turn out to be a good student or not. Your English language skills are also judged and they have to be reasonably good. If at all you have a backlog, you must be able to justify it. In addition, ranking of the school you plan to attend also matters to a certain extent. So make sure you have proper knowledge and can impress visa officer/s with it.

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