5 Major Benefits of Studying MBA in USA on H1B or L1 Visa

Benefits of MBA on H1B or L1 VisaH1B and L1 are temporary work visas that allow employers in US to bring specialty occupation employees to the country, if needed. The greatest advantage of employees on these visas is that they can study full-time or part-time, while working. One of the most interesting educational options for you, as an international employee who wish to study in USA, is MBA. This would add great value to your career even when you return to your home country. Here are the 5 major benefits of studying MBA in USA on H1B or L1 visa:

1. Employer sponsorship on education

Most large organizations offer full or partial sponsorship for the education of their employees. Your skills as an MBA graduate would help company in numerous ways. Higher education that matches your professional goals is usually sponsored by employers in US. You can study in US as long as you maintain your H1B or L1 status, which means, you should be working full time. You can take part-time or full-time classes as long as it does not interfere with your work schedules.

2. Eligibility for in-state tuition fee

Tuition fee is a huge expenditure, when you are studying in US. As an H1B or L1 holder, you will get a few benefits and save tuition fee. Students on F1 visa pay out-of-state tuition fee, which is usually double the in-state tuition fee. If you have lived in US for more than one year and have paid taxes, you can just pay in-state tuition fee for MBA. You must submit proof to support that you have paid taxes. The documents include driving license, W2 tax return, car registration, and more. However, note that this is applicable only if you are applying for top state university business schools.

3. Opportunity to expand your horizons

One of the biggest advantages of completing MBA while you are working is that it allows you to get the skills that you need, without putting your career on hold. This is a win-win situation for the employer and the employee. You get a bigger picture of the business world, of which you are already a part of. Most employers would appreciate having an employee who can bring up-to-date information from business school and incorporate them in the workforce, thus allowing a quicker growth for the business itself.

4. Easy access to real data

Assignments and projects are a part of your MBA course curriculum. When you are studying MBA while working in US, you can do projects on your own set of data, with the permission of your employer.
Having access and permission to use real data of the company that you work for will give you an added advantage, unlike students on F1 visa.

5. Networking opportunities

The networking opportunities you get during your MBA, will not only help you build your professional future, but also will help your employer in their business activities. Throughout your MBA studies, you will meet other working professionals from renowned companies and interact with them, thus acquiring a global vision.

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