Top 10 most popular courses in the USA

populer courses in usa

Many of us wish to study abroad. The US universities have a variety of courses for students who want to make a career in a field other than Engineering. One of the best options to choose a university is by viewing the rankings. This year, 154 US universities are included in the top rankings list. 30 of which are ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. US universities provide us with various opportunities in all the fields. Below are the 10 courses you can pursue to reach dizzy heights.

Popular Courses To Study In USA‎

1. Criminology:

It is the scientific study of crime. Here, you learn to apply scientific methodology to research the cause of crime and its societal impact. You are predisposed to a number of job roles including police officer, prison officer, probation officer, and youth worker.  You can also do a law conversion course and pursue work in this field.

2. Architecture:

It is the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings. It takes 7 years to become a practicing architect (5 years studying, 2 years work experience), but it does not discourage the prospective students. That is because of the associated benefits. Architects occupy a high status, position and are often well paid.

 3. Computer Science:

It is reassuring to know that this is one of the most searched courses in our digital age. With a lack of digitally skilled graduates to fill the available positions, there is a good chance of finding gainful employment if you pursue this route.

4. Accounting:

In a world where money rules, accountants will always be in demand. At university level, you explore the theory and practical application of financial principles. Accountant graduates have to pursue professional qualifications once you leave the university, but when you are chartered, you are sure to reap the rewards.

 5. Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapists treat illnesses, injuries and diseases via physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, exercise, etc. This can be alongside, or instead of drug treatments. Physiotherapists usually work within the NHS or in the private sector, either for hospitals or sometimes for private companies such as professional sports teams etc. 85% of physiotherapy gates are in positive destinations within 6 months of graduation.

6. Economics:

Economists apply the scientific method to test hypothesis and produce models to predict future buying behaviour. They are in the business of production, consumption and transfer of wealth, so it is not surprising to see that this degree is so popular.  Here you have the opportunity to have an actual impact on economic policy which is an important role indeed.

 7. Medicine:

This 5-year degree develops you for the practical and clinical capabilities to practice as a medical doctor. There is more training to be done after the course but this will get you into a well-paid position.

 8. Psychology:

The human mind is an amazing place and despite a lack of vocational certainty after studying it, psychology remains a popular field of study. Only 50% of psychology graduates are in positive destinations 6 months after leaving university, but get far in this field and you can reach great heights.

9. Fashion Design:

Fashion designing is the second most popular search option in US. Here you develop the skills that are necessary to become creative designers who are able to operate at all levels of a fiercely competitive and international industry. You are exposed to the sector via a number of work placements. You leave university with a commercial understanding of the industry as well as a creative approach to design.

10. Law:

The practice of law has closely intertwined the history of human civilisation that it is obvious to be first on the list of most popular course in the US. A degree in law provides you with the skills required to practice in law. Transferable skills include research, interpretation and explanation of complex subjects, analytical thinking and practical problem solving, good oral communication, negotiation, teamwork, attention to detail, and the ability to draft formal documents.

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