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US is known for its quality education and world-class universities among international students, especially those belonging to developing countries. Amidst so many good US universities, sometimes it becomes difficult for international students to locate which ones are the best universities in usa excluding some names that are world famous. To get the exact list of such colleges it is important to follow a reliable survey and data source so that we can present you with colleges that receive the maximum number of applications from students.

According to U.S. News they have short listed some of the prestigious and famous colleges that receive the maximum number of applications every year. This list would help the students and parents to locate good undergraduate or graduate programs that have excellence in their area. Below are top 10 US universities in random order:

Top 10 Best Universities In USA

 1. University of California- Los Angeles

This university receives more than 87,000 applications every year from across the globe. It is a public institution founded in the year 1919. It has a campus size of 419 acres and total undergraduate enrollment of 29,633. It is popularly known as UCLA and it gives the facility to students to join 800+ student organizations within the campus. The school maintains 17:1 ratio of student and faculty that denotes that class has less than 20 students thus individual attention is given. At UCLA majors can be done in subjects like Social sciences, English language, Psychology, Literature/letters and History. Student satisfaction rate was measured 96.5 percent.

 2.  University of California- Berkeley

This university is a public institution founded in the year 1868. The campus size is 1,232 acres with undergraduate enrollment of 27,126. University of California- Berkeley has received ranking in 2016’s edition of Best Colleges in US.  Most famous majors at the university include Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Natural Resources and Conservation, Engineering, English Language and Literature. The student- faculty ratio in classes is 17:1.

 3.  University of California- San Diego

Popularly known as UCSD, the university that was founded in 1960 comprises of 6 unique undergraduate colleges offering personalized education opportunities to students. They receive more than 45,000 freshman application of aspiring students every year. Popular major courses include: Psychology, Biology, Economics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering.

 4.  University of California- Santa Barbarawhile choosing university

UCSB founded in 1909 offers high quality higher education at both undergraduate and graduate levels. They provide innovative advancement in fundamental and applied research programs. Popular majors at UCSB consist of: Journalism, Social Sciences, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, Communication and related programs, Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

 5.  University of California-Irvine

The sub-urban setting of the university is spread in campus size of 1,474 acres. Founded in 1965 it is ranked among the best national universities in US.  At University of California-Irvine most popular majors include: Political Science and Government, Public Health, Biology/Biological Sciences, Social Psychology and Business/Managerial Economics.

 6.  University of California-Davis

The university laid its foundation in 1905 with campus size of 5,300 acres. It is leading college for interdisciplinary problem-solving campus with 4 colleges and 5 professional schools offering 100+ academic majors and 86 graduate programs.

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 7.  San Diego State University

A sub-urban setting in 283 acres of land was founded in 1897. The university offers Bachelor’s degree programs in 91 areas, Master’s degree program in 78 areas and doctorates in 22 areas. Their main strength is diversity and excellence in whatever they do.

 8.  California State University-Long Beach

Founded in the year 1949 the university receives more than 31,523 undergraduate enrollments. The campus size is 324 acres. It is one of the topmost universities is US.

 9.   Boston University

The setting of college is urban, a private institution founded in 1839 with campus size of 135 acres. They have16 schools and colleges in their campus, some are highly ranked professional schools of law, medicine, communication, engineering and business.

 10.  University of Southern California

It is a private institution founded in 1880. The setting is urban and campus size 226 acres. Total number of undergraduate enrollment is 18,740. They use semester-based academic calendar. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in 162 majors and much more.

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