Preparing to Study in the US? 5 Reasons to Start Early

It’s never too early to start preparing to study in the US. In fact, it is always advisable to start early in order to avoid the bucket load of work in the later stages of preparation – it requires a great amount of time and efforts. You must begin early –

For clarity on aims and aspirations

Students should give themselves enough time to understand their aim, interests and aspirations which can be done by indulging in different activities. Doing this brings clarity – what you can do, where your interests lie, what subjects you need to undertake in college, and what your career goals are. Once you have figured out these things, you can start researching about the courses offered in university/college in the US that fit your interest area.

For selecting the right university

With nearly 5,300 colleges and universities in the US to choose from, it is obvious that you would require ample time to select the right university according to your interest area, profile and career goals. Starting early will make the final selection less daunting, as by then, you’ll know which university is the best fit for you.
Tip: While selecting the university, consider all aspects: its reputation, fees, facilities, environment and placement record. Apply to at least 10-15 universities of your choice. You can even seek help from student counsellors on identifying the best college/university.

For clarity on the application process

Starting the groundwork early will give a clear understanding of the application process –the academic requirements, dates and deadlines, necessary documents etc. The higher education institutions in the US require students to undertake standardized tests, like the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and other subject-specific tests depending upon the course chosen. Students should start preparing for these tests a year and a half before. Besides, personal essay and letter of recommendation are other requirements that require preparation at least a year in advance.

For profile building

The admission in the US is based on overall profile that covers everything from academics and extracurricular activities to achievement and experience outside the classroom. An all-round personality is emphasized on. Involvement in activities and social causes help in overall personality and character building and can be an impressive part of your personal essay.
Also, while excelling in outdoor activities, do not forget about your academic performance. If your academic grades/scores are weak, work on it, as it’s never too late to improve.

For preparation of visa application and arranging funds

Undeniably, the admission process is daunting. But if you start early, it will be less overwhelming. As a part of the admission process you’re required to demonstrate your financial capability, i.e. you have sufficient funds to cover your study and living expenses. And if not, you need to apply for scholarships or a bank loan. The application process of US visa requires various documents and two visits for biometric and personal interview. Understand the visa process and start gathering all your documents before time.
The approval of financial aid and visa documentation takes time, so starting early is a wise call!

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