Tips for Living in USA

Every student dreams of enjoying every moment they spend during their stay in USA for higher studies.
Getting acquainted with how to live a well-disciplined and proper life would help students who are aiming to stay back in USA for work after their graduation or master’s degree program.

Leading a comfortable and well-adjusted life in USA revolves around multiple factors that need to be addressed by the international students.

Tips for Living in USA : International Students Life

1. The first and foremost thing that would be required when you land in USA is accommodation. Many universities offer temporary housing to international students who arrive before the beginning of the semester. Not all students are lucky to get housing inside the university campus. They can take advice from foreign student advisor for information on temporary housing options.

2. Mostly all major cities in US have Council for international visitors. They can help in arrangement for few days stay with a local family till you get a proper accommodation, but such setting has to be made in advance.

3. The housing office of the universities in USA have list of available apartments off-campus and accommodation available in neighborhood near to the campus. International students can also think of renting a house with sharing basis with other roommates.

4. When you are in foreign country, it is important to know about the health care rules and get a health insurance prior leaving your home country. In USA there is no access to socialized medicines. Medical can be expensive there, hence get a health insurance even if it’s not compulsorily required by the university. International students have to pay additionally for health insurance in addition to other expenses.

5. The law of US requires all international students on J-1 and J-2 visa to have health insurance before enrollment. Federal government do not ask for compulsory insurance for students on F-1 visa, but many universities require health insurance irrespective of the type of visa.

6. The people of USA in general are warm and friendly with foreign people. It also better to ensure safety and safeguard yourself from such unexpected situations.

7. In case of any emergency or life threatening situation, call on emergency number 911 immediately.

8. Every college or university has on-campus emergency services with their telephone number. Memorize these telephone numbers.

9. Money is needed everywhere, so get yourself acquainted with US Monetary system. They have decimal system, where one dollar is equal to one hundred cents. For money of $1 or more paper currency is used, and less than $1 coins are used.

10. To pay bills like rent and utilities, you need a checking account. Do not send any cash through mail. Visit nearby bank and ask to open a checking account. When you open the account, you would be required to deposit money in it. Cash can be deposited through direct cash or traveler’s cheque or wire transfer from home bank. Either the bank would ask you for the Social Security Number, if you do not need to submit that fill out the form of IRS W-8.


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