How to Shortlist Universities based on GRE/GMAT Scores?

Profile Evaluation Tool

There are over a hundred universities in the United States that provide Masters Programs. Most applicants find it difficult to shortlist the universities based on their profiles. One of the best ways to shortlist universities is through a Profile evaluation Tool. It helps you to get a list of probable universities based on your GRE/GMAT scores.

What Is Profile Evaluation Tool?

Profile Evaluation Tool is an online tool created by experts to help students find a list of universities they should apply for based on their GRE/GMAT Score and their desired area of specialization. The GMAT score is mostly used by business schools in their application process and the GRE is typically used for other graduate majors. However, many programs now give applicants the option of submitting the results of either exam.

How Does The Tool Work?

Although universities consider various aspects of the applicant, GRE/GMAT score is a key factor in the selection process. Profile Evaluation Tool is created to guide students and help them identify US based universities which are most likely to give them admission based on their scores.

How to Use Profile Evaluation Tool?

This is a free and user-friendly tool available online. Here are step-by-step instructions on using the tool:

Step 1:

Visit :

Step 2:

Choose the exam type by which you would like to shortlist universities. The two options available are GRE and GMAT.

Step 3:

If you choose GRE, a dropdown with ‘specialization’ options appear. If you have made up your mind regarding the program that you wish to join, you can choose from the list of specializations available.

If you are undecided, you may choose ‘any’ and proceed.

Step 4:

Enter your GRE Quantitative Score Verbal Score and click ‘Submit.’

If you choose ‘GMAT’ at step 3 enter your GMAT Score and click ’Submit.’

How to Analyze the Results?

The tool provides you a list of universities divided into three categories. They are as follows:

High probability – you have high chances of getting into these universities

Medium probability – you might get into one of these

Low probability – you can skip applying to these universities as the chances of admission are very low

How Does It Help You?

 Getting a list of universities based on the above mentioned categories makes it very easy for you to decide which universities you should choose for your higher education.

Applying to many universities at a time can be costly and if you know which universities to apply beforehand, it helps you save a considerable amount of money that could be wasted by applying to wrong ones.

It also helps you strengthen your profile once you know where you stand. If you wish to get admission in a particular university which is in your medium probability list, you can find out if there are ways to strengthen your application with the help of additional recommendation letters, or exams at the time of applying. (additional admission requirements are usually mentioned on the concerned university’s website)

In case you have a little buffer time, you can also retake some of the entrance tests to qualify for admission to your dream university.

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