How To Plan Weekend Trips While Studying In USA?

weekend trips while studying

Studying at US Universities not only increases academics but also is an excellent opportunity to explore new places. US is a huge country and has a lot to offer. While you’re there, you should take it as an opportunity and explore as much as you can. Obviously, not at the expense of your studies!

You can spend your weekends traveling or during semester breaks. If you believe that it’s difficult to have a great weekend trip with a tough budget, it’s not true. Take advantage of these tips, save your money and enjoy to the fullest!

Go with friends

When you are new to the place, travelling with friends will not only be fun, but also safer. Having some company will make everything from planning to travel easier. However, if you love travelling, lack of company shouldn’t stop you from your weekend trips.

Plan a budget

Start planning your trip early. This will help you find cheaper flights and better accommodation facilities on budget. Use the comparison websites that show you multiple options; you can find a better deal for flights and accommodation. Go through the travellers’ reviews to get an idea of the amenities, cleanliness and price. Also dedicate an amount to spend when you’re actually traveling.

Stay in hostels

Hotels are expensive. When you are on your own or with friends, all you need is a cheap hostel that provides you the basic amenities like bed, sheets, lockers and breakfast.

Decide what you are going to do

At least a couple of days before you leave you should determine which attractions you want to go to. You may even come across packages that include multiple attractions which can save you money. There are also various student discounts available, so make sure to check them out.

Use public transportation

Each place has its own convenient transportation system. It’s good to know where they go and what time they close. Also, plan how to get to your hostel from the airport.

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Have a copy of your visa & passport with you

Keep a copy of your visa & passport in your hostel locker as well as with you. In case of any necessity, this will help you make your trip to the Indian embassy easy inc ase of any problem.

Look up some good places to eat

If you don’t want to wander the streets of your destination trying to find a cheap restaurant to eat, you may want to read about it online. Try to find good places that the locals eat at.

Pack only what you need

It’s advisable to avoid the extra baggage charges at the airport. Also, some hostels have small lockers. So, travel light.

Avoid tourist traps

The cafes, shops and businesses closest to the big attractions are usually over priced and give you low quality stuff. So, take the time to explore ‘not-so-popular’ areas.

Check for student discounts

With an international student ID card, you may get discounts at museums and tourist attractions.

Travel safe & enjoy!

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