PG courses after B.Com in the USA excluding accounting and finance

PG courses after B.Com in the USA After graduation most of the students opt for post graduate studies. Usually the area of specialization is same as in graduation. But sometimes students want to change the field of study after graduation for better career prospects and follow their aspirations. B.Com students from India, who want to pursue their postgraduate study in USA but not in field of accounting and finance, have many options to select from. The first and foremost requirement is to have a good academic score card and higher scores in the entrance exams.

If you are one of those students who have graduated from B.Com stream and now want to study in USA and complete PG other than accounting and finance should go through the syllabus options available for PG degree courses. If you are aspiring for M.Com than it may include fields of specialization management, tax planning, computers, economics, etc. Other study areas are also available like human resource management, production and operations, international business management, management consulting, sales and marketing, etc.

One can always go for MBA in USA after B.Com in India. As stated above many specializations are available in various fields excluding accounting and finance. Here the students stand the chance of getting job in many organizations according to their area of study. They stand the chance to get absorbed in both public and private sector companies, if MBA in USA is done from a reputed and reliable College.

When you select the college or university, consider the fields offered. Masters of Business Administration, Master of Education degrees, Master of Public health, Master of Social work, etc are some fields other than finance and accounting.

Structure of Master’s program varies from school to school. There are universities that may offer thesis and non-thesis versions of the similar program. Students should compare the school programs and options available in addition to the opportunity given to arrive at right decision.

After B.Com students can also select legal profession, hence go for LLB.

Options for PG courses after B.Com

• CRISIL Certified Analyst Program (CCAP)
• Executive MBA
• Master in Management Studies (M.M.S.)
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Marketing Management
• Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development Management
• Master’s Degree in Marketing
• Master’s in Business Studies
• Master’s of Business Administration (Information Technology)
• Master’s Program in International Business
• Post Graduate Diploma In Management

MS, MBA, MCA, LLB, etc are some popular choice of PG programs that can be studied in USA. The selection depends on the interest of the students.

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