Part Time Jobs Available for Indian Students Studying in the USA

Part time jobs in USATaking up a part time job in USA, while studying in USA, can be a smart way to manage your personal expanses. To put it in simple terms there are two types of jobs a student can go for.

On-campus jobs

An on-campus job, as it suggests, is the work that you take up within the university campus and is also legal for full-time foreign students on F1 visa. Jobs like working in library shelving books, in computer labs taking care of printers, terminals, etc. can be taken up by the students enrolled for a full-time course. As per the immigration rules, an international student on F1 visa can work only for 20 hrs a week. You will be paid somewhere around $ 7 as per the state minimum wages.

Ways to find on-campus jobs
Preparing a resume highlighting your strengths and skills can fetch you a better job. Mentioning your undergraduate GPA along with the projects undertaken can make your employment opportunities better. In case, you have any prior work experience do mention it. As most of the on-campus jobs focus on good customer skills, endorsing your customer facing experience will be a smart idea. List all your accomplishments like being a class or college topper, scholarships, etc. In case you were a part of any community service like Red Cross or blood donation highlight it.
Other ways you can get on-campus jobs are:
• To ask your seniors. Most of the jobs are given or passed on by this way.
• You can also get in touch with the career center on campus and look for the on campus postings.
• A quicker way to get on campus job is to join a bunch of student organizations and network with people. Ask them where they work on campus and get networked.

Off-campus jobs

An off-campus job is the one you take out of university campus and is illegal. However, many international students would do such jobs as you can earn better. Jobs like working in a gas station as a cashier, working in a motel as a front desk person to handle customers, working in different stores in malls etc. can be categorized under this segment. You can earn up to $ 10 or more.

Ways to find off-campus jobs
International students with a valid F-1 immigration can work off-campus provided they are enrolled for Optional Practical Training (OPT) during and after completion of their degree. Rules established by the USA. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) govern the implementation of OPT. It is mandatory to fulfil all OPT requirements in order to have a prior authorization from USCIS and from your school’s International Student Office. International students can apply for OPT after being enrolled for at least 9 months, but working without your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from USCIS it is illegal.
It may invite severe consequences to the extent of deportation. Students need to remember that they have come to pursue higher education and not for part-time work in the US. If your on-campus job can take care of your personal finances it is better to avoid taking unnecessary risk that may result in violation of any immigration rules.

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