Key Benefits to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Benefits to Study Abroad for Indian StudentsTill the end of last century, international education was the pie meant only for the scholarship seekers and the super rich. Rising cost of education in India and carcinogenic reservation policies are driving a significant number of middle class students to go for international studies. Moreover, in spite of having the third largest education system in the world, no Indian universities can compete with the top ranked global universities in terms of course curricula and employment exposure.

Benefits of Studying in USA for Indian Students

No Indian universities have any global ranking

Unfortunately this is true. No Indian university in the current year was ranked amongst the top 200 universities of the world. The competition for unreserved seats in India is higher than even a top 20 university in the world. Moreover, the cost of seats under the management quota for professional colleges is unregulated in India and may cost you a fortune. The cost is so huge that some times it becomes less expensive to study in top ranking universities abroad.

A cross-cultural mind-set

Gone are the days when people used to think only developing nations are looking for global exposure during their studies abroad. The fact is that even a developed nation like the US is also encouraging students to go and get the same exposure in Asian and European countries.

This cross border movement will help people understand how the economy works in other parts of the world, and understand the psychology of people from different Geographies so that they can use the same experience and insights in their future jobs.

Besides, in an international context not only an American will occupy a seat next to you but will also have the opportunity to come across people from China, Spain, Ukraine and Nigeria, to name a few. This gives you the opportunity to learn to be politically correct, culturally sensitive and develop an ability to understand people from diverse backgrounds.

Global employment opportunities

As business entities are expanding across geographies through international collaborations, mergers, takeovers and international operations many companies seek people with prior international exposure who are already acquainted with working in a cross-cultural ambience. In order to fulfil this requirement many Indian students are flocking international universities.

Flexibility of courses

Unlike Indian institutions where students largely focus on a well-structured and strict program, institutions abroad can offer students the benefit of choosing a combination of subjects. Under such selective structure a student can pick up terms like ‘dual major’, ‘minor’ and ‘free electives’ when selecting a course and a university abroad. Many students in foreign universities end up taking a dual degree or a double major and specialise in more than one subject.

All in all study abroad will open a wide range of opportunities in the global markets which a student is deprived of back in home. Moreover, a foreign degree will make your job prospects in the international markets more appealing as employers are always in a hunt for students with prior global exposure which can be gained only through an international degree.

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