How Do Indian Students’ Association Help Indian Students Studying In USA?

Indian Students AssociationThe feeling of being alienated in an unfamiliar country can give you nightmares. Unknown faces amid completely foreign places may make you think as if you have landed on a wrong planet. But behind those prying looks, and chilled responses, lies the blend of a new culture and lifestyle that you may later find interesting. In order to guide you through these initial ice-breaking stages, Indian students at most of the American Universities have formed a cultural organization known as Indian Students’ Association (ISA) to offer newly arrived Indian students an opportunity to get ensconced in the American system. The ISA organizes various programs where both graduates and undergraduates can celebrate Indian festivals. Also, these associations take initiatives in multiple volunteer services in assisting students.

What is Indian Students’ Association?

Formed with an objective to share and promote Indian culture, these entities are the first touch points for Indian students for almost everything in the US during initial few weeks in the USA. The Indian Students’ Associations help students in getting acquainted with the new culture and places, get the initial administrative formalities done without any problems and much more. Most importantly, getting connected with ISA will help you come in contact with other Indian students who can guide you in adjusting to the new surrounding and the education system in the US. It will also help you overcome loneliness and hesitation. Indian Students’ Associations open up a whole new world filled with the variety of different cultures and cuisines to you. You will know who you need to run to in case of any emergency and how to mingle with people of different ethnicities. Gradually you will develop more open and an accommodative mindset that may come in handy during your future international career.

What are the activities organized by ISA?

Various activities are organized by the ISA from time to time to get people engaged in a diversified cultural congregation through:

Fresher’s party
Diwali Night
India Night
The celebration of festivals like Holi, Dusshera, etc.
Independence Day celebration
Cricket matches

How does ISA help students?

Types of help available at the Indian Students’ Associations are as follows:

Before you get VISA

ISA helps students in determining their chances of getting into a university
AID chance in your particular field
It helps you decide you major, area of interest and also guides you in choosing a research area
ISA also provide information about various professors at a university

After you get VISA

It helps you in making travel plans to the USA
Guides you in looking for accommodation options in the USA, find roommates, find part time accommodation in your initial days in the USA
Getting books and other study material
Some ISA also provide pick up plans for new students
Provides financial help in case of emergencies

You might have to get in touch with ISA even before you go to the USA. There are many students like you who would need help in their initial days in the new country.

It is advisable that you do not pester them with unnecessary questions. You can get in touch with the various ISA via email or social media platforms like Facebook.


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