How to Make Use of Your Free Time While Studying In USA?

It is unlikely for you to find a lot of time while you’re pursuing higher education in US. Most schools and universities in the US will have pretty tight schedule. With so many assignments and presentations you will definitely feel like taking a break once in a while and relax. No matter how unlikely it feels, you do get free time during your holidays and weekends. There will be occasions when you will have ample free time and still you will not come home and your best buddies will head out for their own destinations.

So instead of just sitting in your hostel room and sleeping the whole day, it is a good idea to make the most of your free time. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy!

Those are the times when you need to get occupied with some sort of activities either for financial gain, or for killing your boredom, or just to have a new experience. Moreover, keeping yourself engaged in some kind of productive work will enhance your skill sets that would come handy during your employment.

Ways to Spend Your Free Time as an International Student in USA

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If you are a book worm and reading is what gives you pleasure, you will surely love staying in the US. Most of the universities in US have huge libraries with books ranging on a variety of subjects. If you don’t wish to stay in the university campus during your holidays all the time you can also explore other libraries in your vicinity. Every corner of this country starting from big cities to small counties is full of libraries with quite an extensive collection of books. Besides enlarging the circumference of your knowledge you can enjoy your favorite activity without spending a fortune just with a nominal membership fee.

Take Community Classes:

It is another way to make use of your free time. Many US universities are known for their extra-curricular activities. There are lots of community classes wherein you can enroll yourself for learning something new that is useful or you think might come handy in your future employment. This will not only kill your free time but will also make sure that you are utilizing your free hours in proper ways. Instructional classes, art classes or classes on professional skills are not unheard of.

Become a Volunteer:

Volunteering is highly appreciated everywhere. The sense of giving back to community goes a long way in shaping your persona. Hundreds of students at various American universities volunteer for helping charities and other activities. Volunteering can be one of the best of your study abroad experience.

In professional fields, volunteer work will help you understand team dynamics better. People with a volunteer work experience are considered more balanced than the ones without the same experience. Be it cleaning up your local street, or working in a shopping mall, or for any international organization, volunteer work will always pay in more than one ways. Through these initiatives you come across various set of people from different ethnic backgrounds with different social identities which, in turn, will broaden your overall outlook.

Indulge in Hobby Clubs:

Another way to engage yourself is through membership of any club of your preference. If you have any particular hobby like solving Rubik’s cube, or playing bridge, or pool, you can find a lot of local clubs at your vicinity and come across with many people from different strata of society. You can also start participating in various sports activities held in your university. This will give you ample opportunity to make new friends and expand your network.

 Get into Photography:

This is another most rapidly spreading hobby among youngsters studying in USA. Make use of your free weekends and explore the city where you are studying. Photography does not mean that you will have to maintain a standard as that of NGC’s but simple mobile pictures can do the wonders. No need to buy an expensive DSLR; simple pictures taken from your smart phone can earn you good bucks. You can upload these images online and earn a smart income.

Do Exercise:

At last nothing better can happen than taking care of your health and physical fitness. You can join a Yoga centre or Gym for regular work out that will keep you fit and fine while away from home. This way you can very well use your free hours along with taking care of your health.

Studying while you are abroad is important, but don’t forget to make the most of your study abroad experience either! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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