Health Insurance for Applicant planning to study in USA

Health Insurance

To study in USA Universities requires that students have appropriate, health insurance coverage during the entire study abroad experience. This insurance must cover students door to door for all situations that can occur while abroad, including accident coverage, medevac and repatriation of remai

ns. It is vital for any international student to have health insurance before traveling to USA for their higher studies as the medical treatment in US has skyrocketing prices.

You Should Know About US Healthcare System

The healthcare system in the US is a complex system in itself. In recent times, Obama administration brought in some changes to the existing ones and a whole debate over it started again making policy makers to ponder on their well thought out policy frame work. Further, involvement of a number of Governments, non Government agencies along with non-profit organizations make the entire system almost impossible to run without any friction.

International Students & US Healthcare

International students preparing to study in the US may need to understand that their cost of education will increase, as many universities ask students to pay a hefty amount of premium for medical coverage under a mandatory health plan. This won’t be included in the tuition fees that you would pay to the university. The cost of medical treatment in the US is sky rocketing and under the prevailing system a student may be left at the mercy of God in absence of a medical coverage.

There are universities which do not allow its international students to participate in the class upon failing to show their health cards at the beginning of each session. Unlike other countries where international students are entitled to access free public health care, the US does not provide any such facilities. It is advisable for international students to buy medical insurance from the university as they will have to shell out less money as these come on reduced rate basis.

Insurance for Applicant planning to study in USA

International Health InsuranceHealth Insurance

The US Department of State has not set any specific insurance requirements for F1 visa holders. In case of no school insurance requirements, you must choose an insurance plan that best fits your needs and budget. Some universities give you the option to waive the mandated coverage if you can provide proof of existing international student health insurance coverage.

Travel Insurance

Another important insurance that you need to keep in mind while travelling to USA is travel insurance. This insurance comes in handy in case of any unforseen incidents or accidents during travel, like injuries, loss of baggage, electronic goods, etc.

Dental plan

Many universitiy’s insurance plans don’t cover dental work. In such instances, if you visit a dentist, the expense have to be paid out of your own pocket. The best option is to join a discount dental plan to lower your cost of dental treatment.

Where should you buy insurance?

This is a common question asked by many. Should the insurance be bought in India, i.e. your home country or USA, i.e. the country you are travelling to?

The international travel insurance should generally be bought in India so that covers a wide variety of medical services. You will also be provided with a list of doctors in the area where you will travel. The major drawback in this case may be that you might need to pay all your expenses and later submit documents for reimbursement.

Whereas when you buy a student insurance policy from US it will ensure  might allow you to only pay a certain percentage of the entire medical expenses and you don’t have to pay the whole of it in hard cash.

You can choose whichever is suitable to you. We would suggest you to consider all the pros and cons and plan as per affordability.


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