Graduate programs offered by USA Universities

Graduate degree programs of USA universities Studying in colleges of USA has always been a matter of pride for many students worldwide. The USA factor has definitely a luring effect on the psychology of students and parents. Although USA universities have always been a preferred choice for higher education for many aspirants who wish to have a global career. Choice of USA universities is largely dependent whether you want to pursue undergraduate, graduate or post graduate programs.


Graduate Programs:


The graduate degree programs in USA for higher education are divided between master’s and PhD programs. The basic requirement of master’s degree is, the candidate should have completed their bachelor’s program. This degree program is of 1-2 years. The PhD programs from USA universities last between 4-5 years.Students who have completed their masters can enter the PhD program at advance level.




USA for higher education has always been on the priority list for students of developing countries, hence getting admission in top Universities of USA is a competitive task. Especially for the candidates who have applied for funded graduate programs.Getting admission in Master’s programs is little easier than in PhD programs, where only 5% of the total applicants are successful in getting admission.


Several documentation and scoring in competitive tests are compulsory. For instance- students who wish to do graduate program from USA universities have to provide the authorities statement of purpose. This is usually an essay type that is meant to show candidate’s intelligence, passion for the subject, interests and contribution of the previous education to the proposed field of study.


Here we are citing few well-known Colleges in USA that offers graduate programs:


1. Yale University


Yale Graduate School of Arts and Science offer various graduate programs to students. Students are even awarded Master of Philosophy, Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees before the doctorate. Few programs provide admission to students especially for master’s degree.
Yale graduate School in collaboration with Yale’s schools of forestry and environmental studies, law, management and public health offers joint degree programs.Students who have enrolled for Graduate School stand the advantage of participating in various non-degree granting programs, councils and institutes at the University.


2. Stanford University


Stanford University in USA is one of the world’s leading university offering class apart education and prepares its students for leadership in the competitive world.Schools of Earth Sciences, Engineering, Humanities & Sciences, Business, Education, Law and Medicine offers graduate programs.
• Graduate School of business offers an array of graduate programs that can change the professional lives of the students for better.
• School of Earth Science, here the scientists work for enhanced understanding of planet earth and all factors surrounding it like energy, resources, geologic hazards, etc.
• School of Engineering teaches various subjects pertaining to technology, medicine, communications, energy, etc.


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