Expectation Vs Reality: Indian Students Studying In USA

indian students in usastudent

USA is known as land of dreams. Indian students who wish to go to US for higher education have many expectations from the land of opportunities. In reality these expectations are not fulfilled as intended. Most of the Indian students going to US have not lived before in that country, so some expectations are natural about the quality of life they dream of having there.

To avoid disappointments, it is always advisable to keep expectations realistic. Before landing in USA, you should do ample research on American culture, the student life, the university where you have taken admission or intend to take and the course itself. This would prepare you mentally to face the unexpected challenges and situations that you may face in US.

Below are common expectations Indian students mostly have about student life in US and the actual reality:


1. Expectation

I will explore new places everyday and go out on several adventurous tours in US.


Your academics would keep you neck-deep in books throughout the week. You wouldn’t get  much time to fulfill your dream of an explorer. If you are doing part-time job over the weekends, the little free time that you might have got would also be occupied. If all you get any free time during the week, it would be sent socializing in your town or at near-by places.


2. Expectation

I’ll make friends from all over the world as soon as I get to USA.


The first friendships Indian students end up making are with other Indian students. First time goers may experience culture shock in the initial few months.  Usually international students are allotted an international dorm which would be filled with other Indian students in addition to international students.


3. Expectation

It would be the best experience of your life.


In a way yes, it would be one of the best experiences of your life, but no country in the world is perfect. US has a different culture, traditions, style of clothes, etc. The everyday life is different from that of India and many Indian students find it challenging to adjust to it.


4. Expectation

I would replace my old smart phone with an iPhone in no time.


Yes can get an iPhone or Android for just $200 in US, but you end up paying exorbitant amounts ($80 minimum) of monthly bills.


5. Expectation

I would master the local language very easily and make many locals friends.


American are warm and friendly, but they are also introverts and take time to before striking up friendships with strangers.

Main language of communication in US is English. If you already have good command over the language then things would be smoother, else you may take time dealing with the language fluency and accent problem for first few months. Culture shock is bound to happen for first few months till you get comfortable with the new country and its people. In such situations most of the Indian students look for friends or locals with similar background as theirs.


6. Expectation

After I get my degree, I’ll easily find a high paying job right on campus and will eventually get a green card.


Immigration laws in US are very strict. Finding jobs after your studies is not easy. Like in India there are no ‘campus placements’ and you have to go to various companies and apply for jobs. Usually, the work starts with an internship and then you would be offered a job at the end of your internship based on your performance.

Having a job in USA does not guarantee you a green card. It could take years for you to even be considered as a candidate for green card.

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