8 Things You Must Do To Boost Your CV

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Studying abroad certainly increases your chances of getting hired by top companies. You may not have realized that you can gain more than just academic skills to increase your employability. Here are some tips to boost your CV while studying abroad.

CV Writing Tips For You

Get a part-time job

All employers appreciate people with work experience. By getting a part-time job alongside your studies, you are showing that you can manage your time efficiently and achieve the grades even with multiple responsibilities at hand.

If you get a part-time job in the field of your studies, you are demonstrating that you are already accustomed to the work environment and are familiar with the tasks you will be dealing with. Even factors like working in a team and meeting deadlines count.

Join a student society

Each university in US has around a hundred student societies – sports, arts and even movie clubs. It is not always necessary for you to join a student society that is relevant to your program or career path. Join any student society that interests you and have fun with people who share your common interests.

Such social activities will also boost your CV and make you stand out to potential employers. If you happen to be the president or secretary of the student society, it will demonstrate your leadership skills to an employer.


Similar to a part-time job, volunteering while studying shows that you have great time management skills. This will also help you to be in the good books as you will be devoting your time to a good cause.


Building relationships with other students, faculty and alumni is a great way to enhance your chances of a successful career.


It is fun to travel when you are abroad. There is a lot to see. But how does it help you in future? Travelling will make you attractive to employers because you gain experience. Most jobs involve travelling and this shows that you are not afraid to do that when necessary.

Learn a new language

Thousands of international students come to USA every year to study. Making friends with people from different countries is a great way to learn a new language and know more about various cultures. This will help you in the long run, when you are applying to global companies.

Improve your digital portfolio

Many companies nowadays go through your social media profiles before hiring. So, publish your life experiences abroad that could improve your stature.

Constantly update your CV

Do not wait until you complete your program to create a CV. Keep adding new skills and experiences to make sure you don’t miss anything out.

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