Advantages & Challenges faced by students while studying abroad

advantages of study abroad It will not only provide the students a better understanding of the world, but also help them gain competitive advantage in this era of globalization. More than half of all Indian students flying abroad to study go there. The major attractions are MS and MBA.


So, what is it like for an Indian student to study abroad? The truth is, it is not very easy. However, everything that you go through is worth the efforts. Most Indian students have tons of questions including minor queries and major concerns about their life in their host nation.


Here are a few challenges that you may encounter abroad:


Difficulty In Communication – Your English language ability skills are tested during the admission process. It may take a few months of preparation to get good scores. However, expressing in English and communicating in everyday life is far different from the test scenarios. It may take a while for you to get accustomed to various styles of speech.


Financial Constraints – There is no denying the fact that it is expensive to study abroad and you may have financial constraints. Make sure that you have a financial plan and have someone to support you.


Separation From Family – It is fun to be independent and explore a new country. Yet, it may be difficult to leave behind your family and friends even though it may be for a few years.

Regardless of the above mentioned challenges, studying abroad is definitely a great choice for Indian students. So, here are a few great experiences that you can expect.


Experience A Difference Culture – Students from India usually expects everyone abroad to be racists. This is so untrue. Studying abroad is an opportunity to interact with different people and share experiences.


Amazing Life Experiences – Indian students are not often accustomed to taking up part-time jobs during their studies. You would gain hands-on training in ownership, management skills and customer relationship apart from your educational program.


New Foods – The best part of Indian students studying abroad is the amazing food that they get to try. The options are truly endless.


Become More Independent – When abroad, you are forced to become independent as there is no one to give you a helping hand in cooking and cleaning. Also, you will learn to commute between nations, pay bills and manage expenses on your own.


In simple words, the experience abroad for an Indian student could be life altering. There are numerous employment opportunities waiting you when you return to your home country. Many experiences abroad would be positive and have a sustainable impact. An Indian student abroad can expect enduring academic, career and personal benefits.


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