Accommodation in USA for Students

Students Accommodation USA

As an international student, your accommodation in USA is an important factor that contributes to your overall experience. There are numerous types of accommodations available for students in USA. The costs vary as per the type of accommodation and the location. Here are some of the options available for you:

Most Common Types of Student Accommodation

University Residence Halls

Most universities and colleges in USA have an application process for residence halls, which are on-campus housing. The application is usually submitted along with the study application. You may be asked to mention your preferences for which ‘hall’ or ‘house’ you would like to live. Each hall comes with a separate name, profile and specific characteristics.

In residence halls, you would live in dormitories, usually shared with one or two students. Residence halls may have communal kitchen facilities or a meal plan that provides you meals in a shared dining hall. A single residence hall may accommodate as few as 30 students to as many as several hundreds. There will be such multiple residence halls on a campus. On-campus accommodation in USA is a good choice for the international students as it allows them to be a part of campus life and socialize with other students.

Private Student Housing

Often, the private housing facilities are cheaper than the on-campus accommodation in US. You hire a private apartment, a townhouse, a purpose-built student residence, or a condominium outside campus that is shared with other students. As private accommodation options have kitchen facilities, you can prepare your own food. Utilities and services including electricity, water, garbage management, and housekeeping usually incur additional costs.

The International Office at your university will be able to help you with information about private apartments and where to look for them. Many universities even place ads in message boards or have dedicated websites that helps you find private accommodation in USA that is within the proximity of the university. You may even get help in finding a roommate.

The private housing facilities are not managed by the University, so you must sign a contract with the landlord or managing agency. Before committing to an agreement to rent an apartment, it is ideal to spend some time in the neighbourhood to analyse the safety and convenience of the location.

Homestay Accommodation

This is one of the accommodation alternatives offered by a few universities in US where you stay in a family home near the university campus. It is great for international students who are away from home for the first time as it gives them a caring, safe and comfortable environment, while they adjust to the American lifestyle and culture. However, this is more expensive compared to living off-campus. Homestays are usually recommended for students under the age of 18.

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