7 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Abroad

Travelling living Abroad

Thousands of students go abroad for their higher education every year. One of the biggest and most important concerns for international students is the question of safety while they are in a foreign country. Safety is also important because the country, culture, language, food, etc. is totally foreign. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while living or travelling abroad.

Safety Tips To Know Before You Go

1. Keep your passport safe:

While travelling or living abroad, make sure to keep your passport safe. It is the most important document that assures your entry back to your home country. Always have several photocopies of the main pages of your passport with you. You can keep one copy in each of your luggage and also in your purse. Keep some copies back home and you may also keep one scanned copy in your mail. In case you happen to lose your passport due to some unforeseen reason, the photocopy of your passport is the best way to prove your nationality.

2. Take care of your Handy bags and purse:

While travelling keep your hand bags or purse with you. Do not leave them lying around along with your luggage. Cash and other valuables should be kept in different places. Don’t keep all your cash in the purse. In case you lose your purse all your cash would be gone, so it’s better to keep small amounts in your carry case, purse and luggage. Pick pockets have an eye for spotting students or new travellers, so keep your eyes open and stay alert.

3. Keep an eye on your Credit Cards:

Before your trip, call your credit card company and explain where you are going and the duration of your stay to avoid a freeze on your account. In addition, find out exactly how much credit is left on your card so that you do not exceed your limit. Also note down the emergency contact numbers for your cards, in case you lose any of your cards, you can immediately call and get them blocked.

4. Dressing properly:

Dressing appropriately while traveling abroad not only helps you travel comfortable but it will also make your journey easy. Keep a jacket or coat in your handbag in case you are travelling to a country that has a colder climate than your home country. The western countries have pretty extreme weather, especially if you are travelling in winter.

5. Carry less Electronic accessories:

Countries have different size plugs and voltage, so make sure you carry a universal adapter with you. Instead of carrying a camera, iPod, mobile phone, etc. it is a good idea to carry just a good smart phone while moving to a different country. It helps reduce the tension of taking care of so many accessories (especially if they are high end gadgets that have cost you a handful). Losing one of them during travel or during your stay can create a considerable hole in your pocket. Yet if you do need to carry expensive electronic gadgets, make sure to insure them.

6. Try and Stay Safe:

While you are living abroad, you need to understand the laws of another country. Don’t take them lightly and don’t take any unnecessary risks. The best way to avoid problems is to be respectful of the laws where you are living. Do not get involved with suspicious people and contact the respective security even in case of small emergencies.

7. Go with the Flow:

While you are living and working abroad, you will experience things that you’ve never experienced before. Try to make new friends, try different foods, meet new people and enjoy to the fullest. Pack as much adventure and excitement as you can into your time abroad and yes study well.

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