7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time While Studying Abroad

time while studying abroad

Finally the day has come you have packed your bags, checked your packing list twice or thrice and finally all set to go abroad where you will be studying for the next few years. What next?  Now the time comes when you try to plan what else you can do along with studies to make this experience memorable and worthwhile!

Seven points for making  the most of your time while studying abroad:

1. Set your goals:

Just like wish list you should list out things you want to do while you go abroad to study. Making a simple list of your goals will help you keep in mind how you want to spend your time abroad. This list may include sights seeing, to learn a new language, try a new food every week, and learn some cooking dishes from locals and many more. This list will act as your saviour as you don’t want to come back home and realize that you didn’t do half the things you had intended to.

2. Blend into the culture:

You may get many chances in future to visit foreign countries but this would probably the only chance in your lifetime to live like locals. You should take advantage of this situation and make the most of it by making new friends, try out local dishes, adapt to new culture and customs of the country. You should experience the local culture in a way that a tourist can’t.

3. Actually ‘study’ abroad:

Come what may but while studying abroad you should not forget the whole and sole purpose why you went abroad. So when you are making the most of your time abroad, don’t forget to actually study too. Take some time choosing the classes you’ll be taking abroad. Take classes that are interesting and related to the local culture and that will help you explore new things. It is highly recommended that you prefer classes with field trips because your professor can show you a side of the country you never would have seen on your own. Try to maintain balance between enjoyment and studies. During this duration you can do your best to plan your education and future in its most worthy way.

4. Try and learn the local language:

It’s not easy to learn the local language as fluently as locals in the country where you go to study. But still you can try your level best to learn the local language this will not only help you out during the stay but also enhance your knowledge. It will also make your life in the country a lot easier as you’ll be able to interact with people in their own language.

5. Research well:

In order to make the most of your time abroad the most important thing that you need to do is research the place where you are about to go. This will help you to adjust easily in the new environment. Knowing the dos and don’ts are a great help and would help you from landing up in trouble or hurting the sentiments of your “new” friends abroad.  Research about the country in detail like; popular places, local dishes, festivals, etc. so that you can enjoy it in all aspects.

6. Spend wisely:

The most important thing that you need to do while you are abroad is keeping a track of you money and spend it wisely. Even though you have enough savings that last till the end of your semesters, it’s always wise to spend your savings in an organized manner. Ask locals to recommend restaurants instead of going to expensive tourist traps, purchase items from the local markets instead of malls and supermarkets, search daily deal sites. Buying things from the local markets will also be an added benefit as you can actually interact with the locals in their language and get to know them and their culture in a better way. This experience will also give you a better sense of the country where you are studying.

7. Fight homesickness:

Don’t let homesickness be a spoil sport while you are studying abroad. Some situations like jetlag, lack of sleep, culture shock, etc. might lead you to step out of your comfort zone and ultimately make you feel homesick. To avoid homesickness you can video chat with your friends and family in your free time. Don’t let these things affect you to such a level that it holds you back from having the best time of your life.


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