5 Things to Keep in Mind to make a Right Decision for Studying Abroad

Right Decision for Studying AbroadSelecting the right country, university and course from thousands of courses in hundreds of countries is really a daunting task. Besides, you will have to find out universities which will have your major or a program you can receive transferrable credits. Reports released by IIE Open Doors in 2011, it is estimated that number of students worldwide opt to studying abroad increases 4% every year.

The internet is inundated with lists of top ranking universities. However, this does not seem to solve the problem when it comes to select your country of study and preferred course.

The below mentioned aspects may guide you to make your decision more prudent.

1. Selecting the Right University:                                 

Just before you decide for which university you will go, it is important to find out things on papers. The best way to start with this is to download the prospectus from the university website. You can also make a request for a hard copy of the same. But most universities have stopped sending paper copy to international students.

Another way to collect required marketing materials would be to attend an Education Fair in your country. Also try to find out things about the university from online community or other discussion forums. You can also follow the university social media page.

2. Check Eligibility for Student Visa:

The next big step is to find out the visa rules. You have the university and course you always wanted to study but any particular student visa restriction in your destination country can derail your long cherished dream. You can find out this from university’s website and embassy of the country you’re applying to study in.

3. Speak to Friends, Family, Current Tutors, and Teachers:

Sharing things with your friends and parents at this stage may come handy as they are the people who know you well and can advise you accordingly. Since you have been already spending quite a significant time narrowing your search for the right university and course, your parents and friends can help you objectively assessing your options at this final stage.

Another set of people who can really be helpful is your current tutors and teachers as they have already seen you studying under them and know exactly your academic strengths. Since they are already into the business of education their advice may be helpful to great extent.

4. Fees and Costs

Once you decide your course and find out the visa regulations the next step would be to find out the course cost. You can directly approach the university and have your findings. Make sure that the charges are applicable to you as per an international student. Most universities will disseminate information only about the tuition fee and not about other charges like accommodation, food and other living expenses. You need to find it from any friend of yours who have already studied abroad or you can approach an academic counselor. You should also need to know about the travelling cost including ticket bookings and other necessary expenses. There are certain online tools where you can find out more about the living expenses.

5. Funding Sources

The next and perhaps the most important thing to find out is the status of your funds. If you are going with a scholarship find out if the scholarship will be paid to you or paid directly to your institution. In case of self-funding, check your bank balance before applying for visa. If you are going for an education loan, it is advisable to find out that you have the funds in the nick of time. There are trusted private agencies which can make funds available to your bank account even before the admission papers issued by the universities.

Your study abroad experience would remain with you for rest of your life. So, make sure to make it an exciting one by planning it meticulously. The above mentioned aspects will make your preparation smooth and land you in your dream destination in your preferred country without a hitch.

All the best and Be the best!!!!

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