5 Precautions to choose Right Accommodation while Studying Abroad

Choose Right Accommodation while Studying Abroad

Accommodation is a major concern for students studying abroad. What is the right accommodation for you? There is no definite answer as every student is different from other and the needs are subjective. Here are a few factors that will help you to choose right accommodation:

Types of Accommodation

You must decide whether you need an on-campus or off-campus accommodation. As a stranger in a new country, on-campus accommodation is a great choice. Most mid to large education institutions in developed nations assure an on-campus accommodation for international students during their first year of study. Popular on-campus options are shared apartments and student residences. If you are confident enough or needs more privacy, consider private accommodation and house-share. Home stay is a popular option in many countries these days. It would be a great experience to stay with a host family as you will be able to adapt to the foreign culture much easier. But, if you choose your home stay without ample research, things can go awry. Miscommunication and cultural taboos are quite common in such instances.


Location is an incredibly important aspect to consider when choosing an accommodation. Try to find a housing facility within the proximity of the university where you study. However, you must also consider availability of local amenities in the area, access to public transport facilities, and crime rates. If you are unable to find a property that matches all your criteria, be prepared to compromise to some extent.

Alone or Shared?

Are you a mature student who wants your own living space or would you like to move into private rented accommodation with friends? Move in with people you get along with. It is important to be clear about the dos and don’ts of living with your friends as they may not appreciate your habits. If you are living with people you like and make you feel comfortable, you can focus on your studies and be happy even though you are miles away from home.


Who wouldn’t want a room with an en-suite facility? However, it is important to analyze if your budget would allow such a privilege. Renting an apartment is always a great option if you can afford it. Think about the options available and choose the one that would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Your Habits

Do you stay up late? Do you party a lot? Would you be cooking your own meals? You may not think about your habits when searching for an accommodation. Remember – your habits may cause inconvenience to others if you are at the wrong place.

You can contact your university for help and advice on how to choose right accommodation, even before you reach your host nation. They will inform you of the on-campus options as well as guide you in finding secure landlords and agencies in the country for private accommodations. Finding the right place to live while you are studying abroad is very important as it will impact your experience in that country.

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