Difference between Indian Scholarships and USA Scholarships

Indian Scholarships and USA ScholarshipsUSA is the avenue for education for many students. The standards of the US education are quite high, and thus all kinds of universities offer scholarships to students without any bias. However, there is one problem. There are many scholarships available for students with different set of considerations.


If you are a student in an Asian country like India or China, then there will be a huge difference between the scholarships offered in these countries and the United States of America. For students in India, there are different scholarships and criteria. China and other countries have their own rules. The USA has its own protocol regarding education.


There are major differences between the students who are native to the United States of America and those who wish to study here. Students from other countries have to prove their mettle and endeavors via various tests incorporated to check their language proficiency and their prowess in the courses they pick up. Same is the case in scholarships and other financial assistances which international students can avail.


Burgeoning numbers of awards and grants for USA students


India has a specific number of awards for students who can really manage to get admission in a USA university. There are many universities in USA which offer individual awards. But basically, there are certain local agencies which provide additional funds for educating the deserving candidates.


USA offers hordes of scholarships to students who can actually make it to universities. In the present situation, where students are dropping out of high schools and colleges due to poor financial conditions, USA offers about fifty scholarships which are nationally recognized. State level scholarships also share some of the burden of the students.


The amount of Indian Scholarships and USA Scholarships


The currency value between India and the other countries differ astronomically. Since the amount of fees is same for every student, there will be a difference between the values of the scholarships. While students in the USA would avail scholarships in a few thousands, in India the story is different. The amount in figures could extend up to a few million in Indian rupees. Since the numbers of scholarships are limited, every scholarship in India offers a considerable amount.


Locating a scholarship


Locating a scholarship is quite easy in the USA. There are government and private institutions which help students in searching the right kind of scholarships for them. This service can be free or the amount charged will be actually quite small. But the scene in India is entirely different. The USIEF is one of the bodies which offer voluntary services to students. It can guide the students effectively to the requisite financial scholarships. But the other institutions offering consultancy can charge fees variably. You need to perform perusal at your own risk.


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