How to Find Student Accommodation in the USA

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Studying abroad in the US is truly a life changing experience. But at the same time, studying and living in the US isn’t an easy one. There are certain hurdles that need to be overcome. One of the biggest hurdles is how to choose the right accommodation in the US, where you can live and study peacefully. So, if you have got admission in the US, it is important for you to find the right accommodation. This article highlights the things to keep in mind while looking for accommodation in the US, thus making the process of finding the right accommodation in the US easy and hassle-free.

Tips to find right accommodation in USA

Student Accommodation Options Abounds: Choose The One That Suits You!

Everyone has different needs and requirements- some prefer to stay alone and quiet accommodation with no boisterous surroundings; while some prefer to share space with fellow international students- the choice is yours! In the US, there are types of accommodation options– on-campus and off-campus. Most of the universities in the US provide on-campus accommodation, which is the best choice for freshmen. The beauty of staying on-campus is that you are close to your classes and have easy access to library and labs, and also all the necessary amenities are available.

If privacy and independence are your preferences, consider off-campus accommodation, like renting a private apartment or flat. If you prefer to immerse in the local culture and want to have home-like surroundings, Homestay is the best option. While considering off-campus accommodation, do consider the amenities offered, whether it suits your needs or not.

Tip: If going for off-campus accommodation, select the one that is situated within the commuting distance of the institution, either by public transport or walking.

Choose Right Location:

Right location is crucial while finding the accommodation in the US as it is directly proportional to your pocket-size and time. Get answers to questions like, do you prefer to live in the suburbs or in the city? Do you want to walk to the university or are you comfortable traveling to campus via public transport? Accommodation that is just a small ride away or a short walk from the university is the best choice. It saves both money and time.

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Safety and Security must be the Priority

Safety and Security are utmost important while studying abroad. So, while finding the right accommodation, it is vital to see the safety measures undertaken by the place where you will be staying- whether it has secure-entry systems or 24/7 guards and CCTV system. Also, before finalizing the accommodation, read the contract or lease agreement carefully. There are many dodgy people out there trying to take advantage of the new students who are not savvy when it comes to accommodation legalities. Be cautious and safe!

Determine your Budget and Stick to it

Accommodation is one of the important elements to be accounted for. It is the second largest expense after tuition fee. So, it is best to set a realistic budget in advance and stick to it. Although, it is challenging to find the right accommodation that suits your needs and requirements without being on the pricey front, but there is a plethora of accommodation options in the US that are affordable and comfortable.

Consider all the accommodation options-on-campus and off-campus, and select the one that does not go heavy on your pocket. It is quite normal to rent an apartment and share a room with fellow students, so consider it if this option falls within your budget. Also, take into account the cost of utilities associated with the student accommodation. If considering private accommodation, the cost of utilities like water, electricity, cable, etc. will be charged additionally; while in case of on-campus accommodation, the utility cost is included in the monthly rent. So while finding the right accommodation, keep in mind the additional expenses.

Independent Living or Shared Living- Take your Pick!

Do you relish your own space and prefer staying alone or do you like to share space with friends? This is an important decision to make when looking for accommodation as the interest and habits varies from individual to individual. Shared living is more economical as compared to independent living. The other advantage of shared living is you will save some money that can be used on other things like exploring a new place, indulging in activities you like, etc.

Choose accommodation that matches your Lifestyle

Whether you’re the kind of student who likes to stay up late and party till wee hours, or you’re the kind who rolls into bed early and wakes up early and is only into studies, it is crucial to find the right accommodation that matches your lifestyle. Move in with like-minded students as you will feel more comfortable, happy and will be able to concentrate on your studies.

Thorough Research is Critical for finding Right Accommodation

Research all the accommodation options available in the US. You could use the internet, local newspapers or seek help from university advisor. Universities/Colleges have an approved list of student-friendly estate agents and landlords, so check with the university advisors for the right accommodation.

Finding the right accommodation in the US is crucial as it will be your home for the next few years, so make the decision wisely. Explore and weigh all the accommodation options, and choose the best that suits you!

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