Fall or Spring: Which One Is Right For You?

Fall or Spring

When you decide to study in the US, the most confusing question for many is whether to apply for Fall or Spring semester. You may find in these two words just two different seasons, but they mean a lot. On the other side of these two words stands timing of admissions overseas.

What are Intakes?

It’s not like Indian sub-continent where people land in their chosen course in one season window. US universities start admission intakes to their courses in two semesters. These semesters usually get referred as Fall and Spring. Fall semester opens the admission window in late August and stretches to early January. Spring semester starts with January and closes near end May.

Which intake do students prefer?

A large number of US higher education aspirants make it to the Fall semester. It is because of their undergraduate program usually ending in June. They get saved from citing the reason for gap in between completing graduation and applying. Otherwise there also surface requirements of attaching various documents ratifying that you were not sitting idle after completing graduation.

Its the whole world that applies to US for higher education. Number is usually several thousands. It would have been difficult in the absence of Fall or Spring to do justice with such a big number of applications. In addition to the justice, accommodating so many applicants in a single semester would have created mismanagement. So to save the higher education system from getting paralyzed, Fall and Spring got into effect.

How do the various intakes help students?

Students too get benefitted by this mode. It’s because if they once failed to make it in either Fall or Spring, they have the opportunity of applying in second. Thus they get saved from the misery of waiting for a whole year to apply again.

It gets followed by the obvious questions that tease every aspirant. They are to decide when it best suits them to join a course in US. Accordingly they incline to apply. The first question that pops in the minds of many is what are the benefits of joining in Fall and Spring? In clearer terms you need to know which universities have which courses openings, their rate of acceptance, assistantships and internships offered, financial aid, etc.?

Fall vs Spring

Fall usually comes with more number of courses. The assistances come in the form of Research Assistantship,Teaching Assistantship positions and campus jobs. If you wish to join extra-curricular activities or other clubs, the Fall intake would best suit your needs.

Disadvantages with Spring are many. Many courses simply get designed on fall-spring pattern and not for the spring-fall pattern. Correspondingly accommodation rentals too begin much at the time of Fall.

The main advantage with spring is that you can start a semester sooner. Sometimes it makes sense to join a remedial course in spring to help making it to regular course in Fall. In addition job intakes for joining in Spring will be less. It is because Fall students usually take the leverage of one semester.

What finally decides one’s joining a course in a particular season is availing of the requisite documents and personal need.

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