What is TOEFL?


TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL Exam is conducted to measure the English proficiency of non-English speaking people and is divided into three sections. The test is timed for each section and uses multiple-choice questions with four possible choices for each question. The three sections are listening comprehension, structure and written expression and reading comprehension. The TOEFL test is administered 12 times a year; in other words, once a month, either on Friday or Saturday. The fee for the Friday Testing Program (the Special Centre TOEFL) is currently US $45. The fee for the Saturday Testing Program (the International TOEFL) is currently US $38.

Although there is no qualifying score for TOEFL, generally a score of 400 is considered low and a score of 600 or above excellent. Each college, university, or institution has its own TOEFL score admission requirement. The score required varies depending on the field of study (non-technical or technical) and the program (two-year, undergraduate or graduate) for which you are applying. A score of 400 or above for a two-year program, 500 or above for an undergraduate program, and 550 or above for a graduate program is generally considered to be competitive.

Knowing the format and instructions beforehand is essential. It is better to know and understand the instructions for every section without reading it during the tests. This can be helpful and time saving.

The reason why TOEFL Exam is so popular is because 90% of test takers get into top universities and 4 out of 5 admissions officers prefer the TOEFL test over any other English-language proficiency test.  A huge online resource can make things even better for test takers. The entire test can be done in half a day. More than 9,000 universities, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries accept the TOEFL test, including top universities in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

More than 130 countries, 7500 universities and institutes depends on TOEFL scores for providing admissions, which means the test takers will get more opportunities as many universities accept TOEFL scores. Even the top universities in U.K, Australia and US prefer TOEFL scores as one of the eligibility criterion. This test is conducted for 30 to 40 times a year which proves to be more advantageous.

TOEFL test completely has academic English tests which make it necessary to demonstrate the English language skills which were learnt in classroom level. In this test you will be asked to read a passage aloud, listen to the lecture and provide response also in the form of reading and writing. All these reflect the classroom environment which tests your academic skills.

The speaking section in TOEFL rates your skills in many ways. Your responses are recorded and assessed by three or six ratters in ETS (Educational Testing services). This means even if your interviewer rates you badly than you deserve due to any reasons, you can still rely on the other ratters which will judge your skills in right way.

TOEFL test has a very good reputation in international levels and is recognized by top universities for its quality and 100% academic accuracy testing techniques. So go ahead and give your best in preparing for this test to know the difference it makes in your career.

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