What is the minimum GRE/GMAT score I need to be admitted?

minimum GRE/GMAT score needed

If you are looking for a stress-free accession in one of the top business schools that have you been eyeing at for long, this is the time to prove your worth with a decent GRE/GMAT score. With the GMAT and GRE tests becoming vital points for aspiring students’ entry to the best graduate program, focusing more on the scores that help you place yourself safe through the process of admission makes sense.
In reality, very few schools actually declare their respective GMAT scores as this may contribute to discouraging the students who could not reach that point. As a result, they may refrain themselves from applying. In most of the cases, the GMAT score declared by the schools allows only a few students to actually find themselves eligible. Students can also take the GRE/GMAT test again.

What GRE/GMAT score is acceptable?

If you talk about the “acceptable” score in GRE/GMAT for application to business schools then it should be added that it does vary from one to the other. If you are planning to get into an MBA program that is ranked low, you might be asked for just 400 points.
If you are interested in some higher ranking MBA program, you might be facing a requirement for an acceptable score of around 650 and for that matter; it may also go beyond that. Candidates that appear to have failed when it comes to a smart demonstration of their ‘other’ skills such as those in teamwork, professionalism and leadership, may find the acceptable score a bit strict on them.
Remember, if you have an “acceptable” GMAT score, it really doesn’t assure you of admissions. It is more or less like what they call an average GMAT or GRE score. However, it should also be noted that it does not allow denial of your applications either.

Finally, what is a good GRE/GMAT score?

If you gain a score of 600, you are around on a percentile of 70 whereas with an effective score of 700, you are close to the 90 percentile which a lot of top business schools demand. If you are keen on getting yourself admitted to one of the best business schools ranked among the top 50, then you must play safe with a score of 660. Even though the GMAT or GRE schools are valid for a good long span of 5 years, there is no denying over the fact that most business schools are looking for a recent one. Aspirants with a comparatively lower score also get admitted to the business school of their choice due to the “other” skills or assets that the business schools might find interesting. You must have a minimum score of 400 teamed with good assets. If you can eye a GMAT/GRE score of 720, you are almost safe and only guided by luck thereafter!


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