Top 5 Universities that Accept TOEFL Score


With worldwide acceptance, TOEFL has become almost mandatory for students planning to pursue higher education outside. There are almost 7500 universities and 165 colleges and institutes across the world that accept TOEFL score. To get admission in good college your TOEFL score must range between 550 to 600+ in the paper-based exam and 90 to 100+ in the internet-based paper.

For students who haven’t been able to get the minimum scores on that chart, there’s some good news.  In American universities there is something called partial acceptance of individuals those who could not fall under the required margin of TOEFL marks. A growing number of U.S. programs now offer conditional acceptance to international students. Conditionally accepted students can enter a U.S. university on the condition that they improve their English after they arrive. Conditionally accepted students usually take special courses in academic English. They are also given a chance to retake the TOEFL after they get to the U.S. Once their English skills have improved, they may then be fully accepted into a degree program.

Not all universities conditionally accept students with low TOEFL scores. Conditional acceptance is most common at smaller public universities. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls, for example, conditionally admits students with TOEFL iBT scores as low as 45. Florida State University doesn’t even require a TOEFL score for conditionally accepted students. Instead, FSU gives conditionally accepted students TOEFL prep courses at their Centre for Intensive English Studies. These small-town universities can be very welcoming. The tuition is also cheaper than it would be at top universities.

US Universities That Accept TOEFL Scores

Harvard Business School
Stanford University
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania

It is important to understand the TOEFL score requirement as it may vary from university to university. Like in the US TOEFL is the English proficiency test of the applicants and TOEFL scores have to be submitted by all international applicants and all those applicants whose native is not English.Apart from the minimum TOEFL score requirement, US Universities also mention a section wise cut-off.

For example, North Carolina State University requires sectional cut-off as follows:
Reading: 18, Listening: 18, Speaking: 18, Writing: 18

Almost all the US Universities require a minimum of 24 marks in speaking section of TOEFL to be considered for Teaching Assistant-ships (TA) if the TA has to directly interact with the students. A minimum TOEFL speaking section requirement of 28 is essential if the TA has to give lectures.

Apart from the requirement of English proficiency, TOEFL marks have no impact on the admission decision. The admission decision is based on GRE marks, recommendation letters, SOP and undergraduate grades.

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