Procedure to get Admission in USA universities for MBA

Admission in USA universities for MBA


Academic value of a student grows in the job market if he/she has gained her MBA degree from any reputed USA university. Very few lucky students clear through the entrance exams and get admission into desired College/University for the management degree programs.


We all know when it comes to study abroad, USA is most preferred country among the students. The reason being their education system is diversified most of them having global acknowledgement. Here MBA program wins the race when it comes to most sought after academic course in USA. If you wish to get admission in best USA universities, then there is certain application process that needs to be followed. Usually the application process varies from College to College in USA but major aspects are same. Application procedure for MBA programs is simple only right approach and individuality is needed in application.


The first and foremost thing that comes to get admission in B-school of USA is the application form. This being the first document that is required by any academic institute or university. Thus students should be careful while filling up their application form and applying to any MBA college to study in USA. You need to fill in details like personal attributes, and academic achievements and other essential information that makes your application form stand out from rest of the students in competition.


The MBA admission form:


Be well-prepared with all needed information in advance so that you do not miss the deadline for admission. Ways to get application form:


1. Download the application form from the Universities website you seek admission. OR

2. Send an email to the University for Application Form.


Educational Record:


The educational qualification or the academic record is most important factor when it comes to get admission in best MBA colleges of USA. Based on that admission is granted to the students. The marking system in USA universities is unique and very different from that of Indian universities. Most of them demand the official transcript like mark sheet of every college and university were the student has studied.


Test Scores:


To get admission in USA universities GMAT and TOEFL are most important entrance exams where the student needs to score good.Students have to attach the score cards of both these exams. Minimum score needed is GMAT- 650 and TOEFL- 80.


Job Experience:


USA universities require some years of job experience by the students. This is not applicable to all universities. MBA in USA usually requires minimum of 3 years work experience.


Recommendation letter and Application Essay:


Students need to have letter of recommendation as token of statement of appreciation from professional people. People giving recommendation should state their professional position, for how long he knows the student and at what level. Application essay creates an important impression of the student. It goes a long way in getting the application shortlisted and selected.


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