How many GRE practice tests should I take?

GRE Practice Strategy

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is a standardized exam undertaken to gain admission to graduate schools in various English-speaking nations, especially in the USA. More than 500,000 students from all over the world take the test every year to study in USA. However, there is one question that often lingers on the mind of students is how many GRE practice tests should I take? Read on to know GRE exam prep plan.

GRE Practice Strategy

When to start preparing for GRE?

Ideally, a student is advised to take GRE a year before the application deadline since it gives ample time to send scores to multiple universities and re-take the test if required. Also, it may take you 3-6 months to prepare for the test so your preparation should begin 15-18 months before you wish to join the university.

How many GRE practice tests should I take?

GRE practice tests are a must to take in order to ensure a high score in the final GRE. The practice test prepares you completely before you take the real thing. It acts as a yardstick that helps you identify your strong and weak areas, thus enabling you to tweak your preparation strategy accordingly. The number of times you should take the test depends upon your preparation and how much time you have in hand before the actual test date.

Month 1 – 1 Practice test

Once you are familiar with the GRE format, you should take a practice test immediately to assess yourself- where you stand, what areas you should work on, and most importantly, how you should prepare for the real thing. The practice test taken at an early stage helps you plan an effective study schedule as well as allows you to develop strategies on how to attempt different types of questions.

Month 2 – 1 Practice Test Every Week

Depending upon your preparation, take the GRE practice test every 1-2 weeks to measure your performance. This test will help you know your mistakes and the specific topics you need to focus on. It is basically a SWOT analysis of your preparation, and you can spend the next few weeks on improving your weak subjects, making the concepts clear and revisiting the strong areas. Once you feel confident, take another practice test.

Pro tip: Never take more than one practice test in a day!

Month 3 – 1 Practice Test Every Two Weeks

After you have thoroughly covered all the topics, take a full-length practice test every two (or three) weeks and assess yourself. Once you attain a good score and are confident enough to attempt the final GRE, schedule your test!

Time is of utmost importance while applying to universities abroad. Any delay in writing the exam can delay your admission by one whole year. Start early to increase your chances of success. Good luck!

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