Make SOP Purpose Your Gospel Guide

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The SOP purpose is to carry out the operations correctly and always in the same manner. An SOP should be treated like the Bible where the work is done.


An SOP is a mandatory instruction. In case of any deviations from the predefined instructions, it should be explicitly mentioned in a document which needs to define clearly who can give permission for this and what exactly the complete procedure will be. The original should be secured and kept away from regular wear and tear, whereas, working copies should be made available for referring if need be and most importantly authenticated with stamps and/or signatures of authorized persons.


Importance of SOP Purpose


Routines: Making your SOPs easy and understandable through a flowchart or annotated illustrations is essential for your employees to follow. Workers should know exactly each and every step of operation in order to achieve better productivity. Through a standard regular routine, well-written SOPs help employees learn more certainty in their jobs and eventually can hone their skills on each task to improve their overall performance.


Quality Control: One of the most important aspects of your product is that your customers want a certain minimum quality. SOP purpose help you reduce errors, or deviations, that may occur during mass production of a product or the duplication of a service. For example, if you make toy guns, you need an SOP for quality control. You need to ensure that each gun model should be the equivalent to the gun before that went through production line. Your employees and managers can make use of SOPs to reject products that fail to pass tests for quality control.


Performance Management: SOPs are useful for organizations to conduct employee performance appraisals. Writing individual employee’s job description as a collection of key SOPs and giving each one of them a target level of output to achieve and determining her productivity against each of these specified attributes could easily be done.


Replication and Growth: As your organization grows, you may want to set up your offices across geographies. Having SOPs will ensue that the transition and knowledge transfer become smooth. Employees can use the same operating manual to identify how to perform a standard procedure irrespective of locations.


Crafting your SOPs is very crucial to your process and will enable your employees to understand their specific job description and perform operations in a desired fashion with a predictable output of certain standard. Any deviations from the established process should be implemented only through proper authentication without impacting quality and the revised edition should be made available to your employees at work.

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