How to Improve Your GRE Math Score?

how to improve gre score

With a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and thorough preparation, it becomes easy to crack the GRE math section. Here are a few tips to help you boost your GRE math score.

Tips for Better GRE Math Scores

Know the basics: A stronghold on the elementary mathematics, such as triangle properties, exponents, geometry, integers, data analysis, etc. is important. Start your preparation for the GRE math section by learning the fundamentals first.

Solve sample paper: Before you take your final GRE, solve as many sample papers as possible. This would help you improve your weaker areas, as well as help you budget your time between sections.

Use calculator: Online calculator is provided by the ETS, so make use of it while solving complex problems, like cube roots, long division, etc., but make sure you do not overuse it.

Learn a few shortcut tricks: Each GRE math question doesn’t require more than 2 minutes. So, to solve questions within time, it is best to learn a few shortcut techniques, such as number picking, formulas, squaring, mental math, plug in, approximation, etc.

gre mathBreak down the question and then solve: GRE Word problems can be a bit tricky and time consuming due to the long, twisted language in which they are usually written. The best way to handle such questions is by breaking down the question and extracting only the important information. Once you figure out what is given and asked in the question, it would just take seconds to get the answer right.

Backsolve the problem: In problem solving questions, backsolving is one of the best strategies. This strategy involves going through the answer options and plugging each of the options into the question. By doing this way, there are more chances of getting the correct answer quickly.

Reconstruct the complex Geometric figures: There will be surely some complex geometric figures in the exam. To solve such questions, the best is to redraw those figures on paper along with labelling – and then solve.

Do not learn the formulas: GRE does not have straightforward questions, where in you just need to insert the formula and get the answer. No, GRE ain’t that simple! Instead, it assesses your clarity and understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories. So, simply memorizing the formulas won’t help in any which way. It is recommended to focus on understanding the concept and its theories as only then you would be able to apply them with confidence on the test day.

Read the entire question thoroughly first:  Often, there are some hints in the question itself, so read and understand the problem carefully as this would help you get the answer quickly and correctly.

Divide and conquer: Divide the questions as easy, medium and difficult. Answer easy ones, followed by medium and difficult problems. But answer all questions as there is no negative marking.


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