IELTS Score Requirements of Top 5 Universities in US


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is recognized globally and is known for checking the English language skills of the candidates who aim to pursue their higher education or work abroad. Managed by British Council, IELTS Australia, IDP and University of Cambridge ESOL, this exam’s results are accepted by more than 6000 educational institutions and professional associations worldwide in over 135 countries.

According to a survey in the year 2012-13, in United States more than 800,000 students from 200+ countries enrolled for studies. IELTS is accepted by more than 3,300 US academic institutions as a reliable test for English language.

The IELTS body has not set any fixed eligibility criteria or qualification for appearing for the exam. The age limit is 16+ years; this exam is itself an eligibility criterion for candidates aspiring to migrate to English speaking countries for academic or professional reasons.

Nearly all US universities and B-schools ask for proof of English language proficiency if the candidate’s first language is other than English. IELTS along with TOEFL is recognized and widely accepted English language test in US.

Based on a survey it was found that only a few handful of B-schools do not accept IELTS score in US that includes Columbia Business School, Wharton School and Stern School of Business. These B-schools do not recognize IELTS score as a proof of English Language proficiency. Score requirement of North America universities and Europe universities are somewhat similar.

Although B-schools have set minimum cut-offs band score for IELTS, they also ask the candidates to score uniformly in all sections of this exam. For example, an MBA college IELTS score requirement maybe 7, individual section cut-off scored is 6, the overall cut-off comes to 7.5, and then the individual section cut-off would be 7.

Some requirements of IELTS score by US universities are as follows:
– The English language proficiency test by the applicants and their IELTS score have to be given by international applicants and all other candidates whose native language is other than English.

– Every individual department may require different IELTS score. Hence the candidates who want to apply to top universities in US should check with the degree program requirements of the specific department and their cut-offs.

– Nearly all US universities need IELTS score of 7 band scale in speaking module for the purpose of Teaching Assistantships.

– IELTS may be required to measure the English proficiency, but it would not have any effect on the admission decision of the universities. This decision is based on other factors like GRE score, SOP, letters of recommendation and marks at the undergraduate level.

– IELTS score is substitute for TOEFL to test English proficiency of students. As stated above, nearly all top US universities accept IELTS scores to give admission to different degree programs.

Some of the top universities in US and their IELTS score requirements are as follows:

1. University of California Berkeley- 7
2. University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign – 7
3. Carnegie Mellon University- 7
4. Stanford University- 7
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology- 6.5

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