How To Prepare For IELTS Academic?

ielts preparation tips

IELTS is one of the most taken English Language Test in the world. It is meant for students aspiring for higher education abroad. Clearing IELTS can give many students the chills, especially if they have received education in non-English medium of instruction.  No matter how hard it seems, there’s always a way to ace it.

How to prepare for IELTS Exam?

1.  To get through IELTS have clear understanding as to what you have to do and how the exam looks like.

2.  Appearing for several IELTS academic mock tests makes you well-prepared for the final test and study in a goal-centric manner.

3.  To start with you can gain tips from several free online tutorials and videos.

4.  At the time of IELTS registration, you can log in to the online learning portal and get trained as per exams.

5.  Eat, drink and sleep English… In short practice English language in your everyday life routine. To begin with start reading English newspapers, books of English origin authors, articles, watch English news, etc.

6.  Listening to English news would help in strengthening vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. Also it would build your knowledge bank about daily affairs, economics, social issues and so on.

7.  Talk with as many people as you can in English in day-to-day life, it would help in improving your English speaking skills and fluency.

8.  Including English language in your everyday life is a fun element that makes your hold stronger on the language especially if you are going to an English speaking country for higher studies.

9.  In reality the preparation for IELTS academic starts from the very day you register for the exam.

10. Just be creative and make English part of your life as your mother tongue.

11. Apart from spoken English, practice spellings, vocabulary and grammar. You would not score if you do a spelling mistake and it can cost you an entire exam which you definitely do not want.

12. To start preparing for correct English sentence formation and grammar, start preparing your introduction, linking words, using English proverbs and so on.

13. To improvise the writing score you need to practice a lot, also do not forget to include proofreading. It is as important as speaking and writing correctly in English.

14. While preparing for IELTS, know all the rules and regulation, as it is a test conducted worldwide. Having knowledge of rules is mandatory.

15. Appear for the official IELTS Practice materials that have sample questions and sample answers along with comments of the examiner. Such materials are widely available in book stores and online.

16. The day-before the exam read the information booklet for students and notice once again to make sure that you know the test rules and format thoroughly.

17. Take adequate rest a night before.

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