5 Tips to Write a Great College Essay for US Universities

Writing a good college essay can be really time consuming and a stressful task. It can keep you occupied for days together and in the end you might still feel that you still don’t have the right essay. You aren’t the only one who wants to write the perfect essay to impress US universities, there are hundreds of students who go through the same problems while writing an essay as you do.

So how do you determine that you essay stands out among the thousands of other essays? What would you do different to show your uniqueness through your essay? There are surely some tips that can be applied to write a great essay for US universities. Writing a great essay would offer brighten your prospects at gaining entry into one of the prestigious US universities and also help you to differentiate yourself from competition.

1. The first and foremost thing to do before you start writing the application essay is to plan. Remember that there would be hundreds of students’ applications and your essay would be a great weapon in convincing the admission officers about your capabilities. Before you start writing, the key points to take into consideration are:
Your essay should be convincing enough to assure about your success in the US University.
It should be able to convey about your ambitions and strong determination to succeed academically.
Highlight points that show your ability to bring honor to the university and the long-term goals.

2. Second most important tip for a great essay is to decide the goal of the essay. Determine beforehand how you want admission officers to observe your essay. After reading it, how they should contemplate your personality. Usually most of the candidates want the US universities to perceive them as academically sound, responsible and dependable individual. Excluding the regular coursework, points that can be included are-

  • Any interesting job done
  • Association with an esteemed organization or NGO
  • Any instance where you have showed leadership skills

• Any interesting job done
• Association with an esteemed organization or NGO
• Any instance where you have showed leadership skills

3. Your college essay should be original and unique from other candidates on positive notes. As an international student the admission officers would expect something unusual and attractive. Try to reflect the strong points of your home culture through the college essay. Keep it precise and to-the-point. Think strategically. Make a list of points that can make your essay stand out from hundreds of other college students’ essays. For instance, if you play any sports or musical instrument, do describe it.

4. Admission board generally prefers college essays of students that they find can enrich the educational experience of the fellow students. It short it should reflect your ability to contribute to other students academically. A sentence or two that reflects how the university and fellow students would benefit from your cultural diversity would be enough.

5. Your approach towards writing the essay should be positive and project you as a mature and respectful individual. Universities in US prefer those students who appear ready for higher learning.

In short you have to be precise, strategic, thoughtful, grammatically right, to-the-point and original when you write an essay for US universities.

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