What is a good GRE score?

While a good GRE score can get you a seat in the top notch universities in the UK, US and Canada it is advisable to have a plan B in case you fall back. Most of the students do not have the exact information about the right score in GRE to apply to these renowned universities.

With increasing number of students vying for admission into these institutions a good score in GRE has become paramount of importance. Experts advise to get in touch with career counsellors to keep one self-updated with the latest happenings in the educational field and stay informed.

Overall performance

According to studies and research, your final score will depend on two test aspects viz. a computer based assessment and a written test. As per the revised test pattern an average score of 470 in the quantitative section and 570 in the verbal section will be a good competitive score.

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Under the revised system of GRE scores, candidates taking the test are evaluated on the basis of GRE quantitative, verbal as well as analytical scoring.

What GRE Scores do you need for MS universities in USA?

Anything in between 295-330 is considered to be a good score to apply to the top ranked universities. Basically, all scores about 300 are good GRE Scores.

A score of 315 or more would be sufficient to get you an admission to one of the top universities in the USA. Hence, it is considered to be a good GRE score which would enable you to get an admission into a reputed university.

what is a good gre score out of 340?

GRE Score



330+ Excellent Grade A+
315-330 Good Grade A-, Grade A
295-315 Average Grade B+, Grade B, Grade B-
280-295 Below Average Grade C
<280 Retake GRE Grade D

If you are scoring below 280, retake GRE without applying to any low category universities. Remember it is better to retake GRE than to get an admission in a low grade university as this would bring you a degree less appealing to employers.

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